The BEST Firework Crafts for Kids

Check out these Firework Crafts for Kids to make for Independence Day and New Years. Each idea is unique and creative! Thank you for visiting….


Check out these Firework Crafts for Kids to make for Independence Day and New Years. Each idea is unique and creative!

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Celebrate the 4th of July this year with these fun and creative firework crafts for kids! Whether you are looking for a way to keep the kids busy at a 4th of July cookout or just want to do something fun with them at home, kids will love making any of these firework crafts. Ideas include egg carton crafts, cardboard tube crafts, paper crafts, painted crafts and more!

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The Best Firework Craft for Kids to Make for Independence Day and New Years


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The BEST Firework Crafts for Kids

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Firework Egg Carton Craft that’s 3D

Kids can make a firework show that really pops off the page with this easy and colorful craft idea!

Learn how to make this EASY firework craft for kids to celebrate the 4th of July and New Year's! They will love adding the 3D egg carton fireworks to their art! #4thofjuly #independenceday #kidscraft

Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks
There are so many fun painting activities you can do with a paper roll. These toilet paper roll fireworks are one of our favorites!

Toilet Paper Roll Firework Painting Craft for Kids

Handprint Firework Craft

This firework craft is so fun to make with your little ones! Keep it for years to come!

Patriotic Firework Handprint Kids Craft: An adorable handprint craft to make when it’s time to celebrate! (4th of July, New Year’s)

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks
Fireworks are pretty and make a great craft for kids of all ages to make. This is a super simple craft that kids of all ages can make and create. It is a great open-ended art project that they can try.

Pipe Cleaner Firework Craft for Kids

Paper Fireworks Craft
Craft these paper fireworks are fun for any time of year! They are great for July 4th or anytime that paper firecrackers make a perfect craft.

Paper Firework Craft Wand for Kids

Chalk Pastel Fireworks Art
This chalk pastel fireworks art is so cool! The bright pastels really pop on the black paper and creating the fireworks designs is so fun for kids. This is an easy and quick art project that is perfect for New Years, the 4th of July, Canada Day or any celebration that uses fireworks.

Chalk Pastel Firework Art for Kids

Paper Plate Firework Craft

How about this unique Firework Craft for kids to make as they work on sewing skills, hand-eye-coordination, while having fun being creative. The nice thing about this firework craft is there is not right or wrong way to make it.

Make paper plate fireworks with your kids this 4th of July for an easy and mess free firework craft. The step-by-step directions are easy and the kids will love making them. #kidsactivity #kidscraft #fourthofjuly #finemotor

4th of July Fireworks Craft
This 4th of July, have fun without the fire – with this 4th of July Fireworks Craft for Kids! Easy to make with craft paper and glitter paper.

Paper Firework Craft for Kids

Paper Firecracker Craft for the 4th of July
Looking for a fun and easy paper firecracker craft to make with your kids for the 4th of July? This easy paper craft can help their imaginations explode with creativity!

Firework Craft for Kids

Coffee Filter Fireworks Kids Craft
 Coffee Filter Fireworks are a quick and easy kids craft to make in just about 30 minutes. Create an explosively fun pattern on coffee filters with washable markers and a spritz of water to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Coffee Filter Firework Craft

Coloured Sand Fireworks Pictures
Fireworks are such a fun theme for kids arts and crafts projects, and they are so versatile too – you can make them in so many different ways!

Colored Sand Firework Art Project for Kids #kidscraft #craft #independenceday

Fireworks Template Craft for 4th of July
This easy firework craft can easily be done as a 4th of July craft, but you can also use it at any bonfire or party with kids as well.

Firework Craft with Template for Kids

3D Paper Fireworks Craft
Paper, scissors, and glue are all you need to create this festive & fun fireworks craft for kids! The 3D effect of the fireworks is so cool and the little gold and silver stars add a nice sparkly touch.

3D Firework Craft with City for Kids to Make

Firework Art with Fidget Spinners

Create this fun firework art project using fidget spinner art.  Fidget toys are great for many things, including creating a fun and fast art project! Use your spinner to paint fireworks that are perfect for the 4th of July!

Firework Fidget Spinner Art

Salt Painted Fireworks
These salt painted fireworks are fun to make for any firework holiday like July 4th, Memorial Day or Canada Day. This free fireworks template can be used for salt painting or kids can color and paint them on their own.

Salt Painted Firework Craft for Kids

Cupcake Liner Firework Craft

Utalize those colorful cupcake liners that are already cut in a circle, to make a firework craft that’s bursting off the page.

Cupcake Liner Fireworks Craft for Kids: Make colorful fireworks that seem to burst off the page using cupcake liners for an easy Patriotic Craft for the Fourth of July or New Year's Day (easy kids craft, summer, scissor skills)

Painting the Fourth of July Fireworks

This is a fun yet messy way for your students and children to paint fireworks in the night sky.  They will use a variety of colors and brushes while they paint.  This is a process-art activity, meaning your students’ paintings may not look like actual fireworks but they will have fun painting them and their paintings will definitely look like explosions of color!

Firework Painting Project for Kids

4th of July Toilet Paper Roll Firecrackers
4th of July and Fireworks go hand in hand so why not put together a fun, patriotic, firework- themed craft for kids? These 4th of July Toilet Paper Roll Firecrackers are easy to make and the kids will love the treats that come inside!

Firework Firecracker Party Favors DIY

Free Printable Fireworks Coloring Pages
Fireworks are a huge part of so many celebrations throughout the year, for many cultures and communities. Whatever the festival, watching the fireworks together is a great way to spend time with family and get in the holiday spirit.

Firework Coloring Pages for Kids

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