Painting with Bubbles: Soap Pump Bubble Painting for Kids

Kids can make COOL paintings with bubbles using our bubble paint recipe and soap bottles. It’s a bubble POPPING good time!Thank you for visiting. This…


Kids can make COOL paintings with bubbles using our bubble paint recipe and soap bottles. It’s a bubble POPPING good time!

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I have been saving foaming soap pump containers and finally found something awesome to do with them while enjoying some Process Art! Kids can cover their paper with tons of colorful bubbles (no straw required so there is no worry about drinking bubbles). Then sit back and watch the magic happen as the bubbles dry and reveal hundreds of tiny little bubbles preserved as a beautiful work of art!

The bubble paint looks puffy when wet and shiny when it’s dry and feels smooth to touch, so naturally the kids and I can’t help but keep gliding our hands across our paintings.Bubble activities are one of our favorite like our Bouncing Bubbles Recipe!

Little Tiger thought it was so fun squirting her bubble paint all over. The soap pumps were a bit hard for Little Dragon (age 2) to squirt on his own so we helped hold the bottle still so he could press it down. This is one of those painting activities that I wish I would have stuck a smock on the kids before we got started because it was messy and the paint goes wherever the soap pump is pointed regardless if it is pointing towards craft paper or not :). If your kids are older it might not be as messy because they can control the soap pumps better. Once all the bubble paint was on the paper it reminded me of our Painting on Clouds Activity that was also colorful and fluffy.

Soap Pump Bubble Painting for Kids

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1 T Water
1 T Clear Glue (Affiliate link)-white glue did not work
Food Coloring
Craft paper (We used cardstock because the paint is watery)
Foam Soap Dispensers (1 dispenser for each color)

Mix the water, clear glue, and food coloring together and place in a foam soap dispenser. Squirt the paint onto paper. You can swirl the paint around a bit, but try not to squish and pop all the bubbles. Let it dry, and enjoy!

Just to note, some bubbles will pop while it is drying and the foam will decompress, but the glue should help some of them dry onto the paper. You may need to adjust the ingredients a bit to make sure the paint is thin enough to get pumped through the soap dispenser, but thick enough that it forms foamy bubbles that are strong enough they don’t all pop before they have time to dry.

Video Tutorial: Watch the magic!


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  Have a great day! Love, Katie & the Kiddos


  1. My kids had fun trying this and eventually the end results were really impressive, but it was surprising how long it took for the soap paint to dry. Is it normal for it to take 2+ days to be dry to the touch? Thanks for the fun ideas!

    1. Oh wow, I can’t remember if ours took that long to dry. I do think we did it during summer and we live in a very dry state, so maybe it dried faster when we did it. Either way, thanks for the comment and I am glad that it finally dried and your kids had fun!

  2. Looks like terrific fun – for the adults too! Can’t wait until my darling grandies are able to fly over again for a visit!

  3. Wow, these are just so pretty! I love the bubbles. The children would love doing this. Now I just need to get some hand pump bottles and explain to my husband why I need to save the pumps. It's not clutter, it is an art supply.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing with Littles Learning Link Up.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Katie, Thanks so much, I am thrilled you're going to be giving it a try!

    1. Hi Emma, Thanks! There is always something to save in the name of arts and crafts-right!?!–LOL 🙂

    1. Hi Erin, Thanks! My kiddos definitely thought it was fun and magical, I hope you feel the same way. Have a great weekend!

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