Snow Bubbles a MUST TRY Winter Kids Activity

Your kiddos are sure to enjoy time outdoors this winter as they watch bubbles behave in unexpected ways as they blow SNOW Bubbles! it’s like…


Your kiddos are sure to enjoy time outdoors this winter as they watch bubbles behave in unexpected ways as they blow SNOW Bubbles! it’s like frozen magic.

Blowing bubbles is not just a summer thing, so this winter pull out your bubble wands, bundle up, and head outside for some snow day fun! When bubbles normally touch the ground they pop, but when they land on snow or gloves a surprising thing can happen to make bubbles even more entertaining and depending on the temperature your bubbles can even freeze! It’s fun winter science!    

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Frozen bubble

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I have to tell you, when winter comes I dread the cold because it’s hard to motivate my kids (and myself) to go outside and play so if an activity can get us to not only be in the cold, but forget about it all together you know its got to be a good one! Check out all our outside bubble ideas, choose which ones to try, and get creative in the snow with your own Bubble Blowing fun!

What Kind of Bubble Solution Should I Use?

If you don’t have bubble solution at home you can use our Homemade Bouncing Bubble Recipe that’s made out of simple ingredients including dish soap, water, and sugar. (This is the bubble recipe that can bounce on a glove).

Store bought bubble mix will work for some of the activities, but if you are making frozen bubbles, I suggest using our homemade recipe or adding a thickener like corn syrup. 


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Snow Bubbles Winter Kids Activity

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Snow Bubbles Winter Kids Activity



This is one of those activities that the video is a way better way of showing you how fun and EASY this activity is. So before you check out all the details, you can watch Little Dragon have fun playing with bubbles in the snow.

Windy Day?

The slightest breeze can make it hard for children to get the bubbles to land softly enough that the surface tension isn’t broken upon impact with the ground or glove. Because of this, I recommend doing this activity when it’s not windy and avoiding disappointed kids. 

If the goal is just to blow bubbles outside, then wind is not a problem and carry on. I am certainly a true believer that bubbles anytime and anywhere are perfect and my kids are the proof I am not the only one who thinks so. 

How to Make Frozen Bubbles

I want to mention it took us several tries to get this right so if it doesn’t work at first, adjust and try again. You may even need to wait for a different day when the elements are on your side. 

For a higher success rate, use a thick bubble solution like our Homemade Bouncing Bubble Recipe or add corn syrup to your bubble solution. 

To make frozen bubbles with kids, they will need to bundle up because the temperature must be below the freezing point of water (0 °C, 32 °F, 273 K) and works best when -10 degrees below freezing (or colder if you can stay safe).  

Make sure it is not windy because wind disturbs the surface of the bubble making it hard to freeze. 

TIP: Place your bubble solution in the freezer for 15 minutes to chill, but not freeze. If it accidentally freezes, let it melt until it has no ice crystals in it. 

Gently blow the bubble in a shady location onto the surface of the snow. The surface of the bubble will begin to crystalize and beautiful ice crystals will form as the bubble freezes. (I’m pretty sure Elsa, Anna, and Olaf would be impressed).  

If conditions are right and it working try making more than one, stacking them up, or smashing them (the favorite option of my son). 

When done, head inside and warm up. Need another fun idea? Check out our Free Printable Winter Activity Pack!

Blow Bubbles In Dry Snow

What is dry snow? Dry snow is made when the temperature is colder than freezing, so the snow’s water molecules are very frozen and the water molecules are farther apart, making the snow lighter and powdery. 

Usually, it’s extra cold, and a perfect time to try making Frozen Bubbles!

bubble on snow

Blow Bubbles In Wet Snow

What is wet snow? Wet snow is made when there is warm air around the ground making the snow wetter and easier to form into shapes since the water molecules have an easier time bonding to each other. 

How To Blow Snow Bubbles

To blow snow bubbles, its as simple as blowing any other bubble. Dip your bubble wand in the bubble mix and blow a bubble. Let your kids use their creativity and their natural curiosity to see what bubbles do in colder temperatures and when they can land on surfaces covered with water molecules. 

To make a Bubble Tower blow the bubbles close to the surface of the snow so they can gently land on the surface. Continue blowing bubbles onto the tower and see how big you can make it. This works because the water molecules in the bubbles are attracted to each other and naturally stick together. 

To Pick Up the Bubbles use the bubble wand to touch the bubble and get it to attach to the bubble wand. Another way to do this is to try blowing a bubble onto a glove. Depending on the surface of your glove, the bubble will stick to it, bounce off, or pop. 

Child holding a bubble in winter

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