Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your Easter eggs, try one of these super fun, extra creative, and kid-friendly Easter egg decorating ideas.Thank…


If you are looking for ideas to decorate your Easter eggs, try one of these super fun, extra creative, and kid-friendly Easter egg decorating ideas.

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Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun tradition for kids and adults but can seem a bit repetitive so to give you some new, easy, and fun ideas to try, I have our favorite Easter egg dyeing techniques to share with you including marbled eggs, tie-dye eggs, glitter eggs, and more! The best part is you can put down the store-bought egg dye and get ready to WOW the Easter Bunny with your unique Easter eggs!

When it comes to decorating Easter eggs, there is really no wrong way to do it. No matter which way you try, I recommend having paper towels, plastic table clothes, and clothes that can get messy because coloring Easter eggs can get colorful, sparkly, and a bit messy. Once the eggs are decorated try these Easter egg hunt clues, Free Easter printables, and printable bunny ear craft.

Can I Eat Dyed Eggs?

It depends on your dyeing technique. If you are using edible dyes and supplies like food coloring, white vinegar, or whipped cream, and you handle your eggs with “food safety” rules in mind like keeping them at a safe temperature, then yes… but don’t risk it if you are unsure, no one needs to get sick for Easter! 

If the dyeing technique uses markers, shaving cream, or other non-edible supplies don’t eat them!

How Can I Dye Eggs and Eat the Egg too?

The safest way to eat your eggs while still having fun dyeing them is to poke a hole in the top of the egg and the bottom of the egg with a toothpick or skewer, stir the inside of the egg to break up the membrane, then blow into one end of the shell so the egg comes out the bottom of the shell. You can refrigerate the egg mixture in an airtight container for up to 2 days (or current safety standards) and use them to cook with later.  

Then you can dye the egg shell anyway you would like. These eggs are a little bit more fragile than hard boiled eggs, but still very manageable for kids. 

You can see the tiny hole in the pictures of our Tie-Dyed eggs.

Favorite Easter Books To Read Together!

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Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Coffee Filter Dyed Easter Eggs<—A Little Pinch of Perfect

Grab your coffee filters and get ready to wrap up some beautiful eggs with this easy and edible egg dyeing method. Also, great for all ages!

Coffee Filter Tie Dye Easter Eggs: A cool way to give your eggs lots of cool color. Fun for adults and kids and eggs are edible when done. (#eastereggs #kidscraft #kidsactivity)

Tissue Paper Dyed Eggs  <—By A Little Pinch of Perfect

Wrap up an egg with special tissue paper to get this cool bright and colorful egg dyeing effect. This method is less-messy then a lot of egg decorating techniques and has to be one of my favorite!

All you need is tissue paper to get beautiful Easter eggs. This easy egg decorating technique is fun for kids and adults and the eggs turn out full of color in a few easy steps. #kidsactivity #kidscraft #easter #eastereggs

Sponge Painted Easter Eggs <— by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Head to the kitchen and grab a sponge and a pack of eggs to give them loads of color with this easy and fun non-traditional way to make Easter eggs!

How to Make Sponge Painted Easter Eggs: Your going to love decorating colorful Easter eggs with this easy and fun method that’s perfect for kids and adults. #eastereggs #kidsactivity #craft

Thumbprint Decorated Easter Eggs <— by Childhood101

You know we LOVE handprint crafts around here, so these thumbprint decorated Easter eggs are one of our favorites! Look how cute the thumbprint chick and thumbprint bunny look! Each one can be specially made by your kiddo.

Salad Spinner Spin-Art Easter Eggs <— by Finding Myself Young

When it’s time for Easter grab the salad spinner, not for Easter dinner, but for this Easter egg deocrating activity. You kids will love watching their eggs spin around as they decorate them!

Food Coloring Easter Eggs <— by The Best Ideas for Kids

Get bright and beuatiful Easter eggs with this tride-and-true way to dye Easter eggs! Look how pretty this rainbow of eggs looks!

Sticker Resist Easter Eggs <— by Creative Connections for Kids

Learn how to use stickers to make these two tone Sticker Resist Easter eggs. This is a perfect way for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages to add designs using regular cups of dye.

Glitter Easter Eggs <—by A Little Pinch of Perfect

This two-step process makes colorful and sparkly eggs that look so glamorous for Easter! They look great in an Easter basket or turned into an Easter decoration.

Glitter Those Easter Eggs: Easy Decorating Idea for Kids and adults who like glitter. They turn out so pretty and you don’t need a cup of dye.

All Natural Egg Dying <— by Nourishing My Scholar

How about going all natural with these homemade egg dyes that make rich and earthy colors. I love the use of leaves and flowers that add patterns to each egg.

Gold Foil Easter Eggs <— by Crafty Morning

If you want to make your eggs look extra special, try making these gold leaf eggs. The directions are simple and they turn out so pretty! You can use paper mache eggs or real eggs.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs with Markers <—By A Little Pinch of Perfect

This egg dyeing method is easy for kids of all ages, including adults, because all you need is a set of markers (no messy dye). Since you can draw the pattern you want on the egg, you can make it look any way you like–not just in a Tie Dye pattern. These eggs are non-edible when they are done.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs: An easy mess-free tutorial for kids and adults to decorate colorful Easter eggs without a cup of dye. (toddler friendly)

Paint Pen Easter Eggs <— by Rhythms of Play

Your little artist will love the freedom of decorating their Easter eggs with paint pens. Flowers, stripes, hearts…There is no limit to how they can deocrate their egg.

Skittles Dyed Easter Eggs <— by KimSpired DIY

This is the sweetest way to dye eggs…literally! Use colorful candy Skittles to give eggs color with one of my favorite ways to use up Easter candy.

How to Make Ukranian Easter Eggs <— by The Educators Spin on It

Wow!!! These Ukrainian style Easter eggs look like a work of art! Learn how to make them with your kids.

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs <— by Mama Papa Bubba

Use leftover silk scarves or ties to give your Easter eggs

Oil and Vinegar Marble Dyed Easter Eggs <— by Little Bins for Little Hands

Check out these speckled multi colored Easter Eggs. Not your typical egg, and all it takes is oil from your pantry! Try it!

Whipped Cream Marbled Easter Eggs <— By A Little Pinch of Perfect

Give whipped cream a few swirls of color and use it to dye eggs with this safe way to dye Easter eggs you can eat after they have been decorated.  

How to Make a Marbled Easter Egg with Whipped Cream

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