FREE Bunny Ear Template to make a CUTE Easter Crown Craft

Use the free printable bunny ear template to make paper Easter Crowns or Hats. Kids can color them or print them in color. You can…


Use the free printable bunny ear template to make paper Easter Crowns or Hats. Kids can color them or print them in color. You can choose from 6 CUTE designs.

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Have fun with your kids as they make printable bunny ears to wear this Easter. These cute Easter crowns say Happy Easter, have bunny ears, a bunny face, and Easter eggs to decorate. In no time at all your kiddos can finish their Easter bunny hat and you can have a fluffle of bunnies hopping around (isn’t that the cutest word to describe a group of bunnies!?!) It’s a cute Easter bunny craft that encourages creativity and pretend play.

–>Add an Easter Bunny Tail you can pin on your kiddos clothes for added fun!

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My little preschooler (Little Pup, age 3) was so excited to wear his bunny ear hat he could hardly wait for me to put it on. Once it landed on his head he started hopping around and turned into a, “super bunny.”  I LOVE it when crafts encourage play and imagination, I am looking forward to watching him hop around the whole month of April!


About the Easter Crown Bunny Ear Template:

I LOVE giving you options, and this free printable bunny ears template is no exception. Check out your choices, then download your crown towards the end of this post.  

The 1st option is the Easter Bunny Ear Template can be printed in black and white and colored like a coloring book or it can be printed in color so it can be assembled quickly. our kiddo can leave the template white to make a white bunny or use watercolors, markers, or crayons to add color to their Easter hat.

No glue is needed, keeping this bunny ears template hat craft extra simple.

The 2nd option to decide is if your rabbit headband craft has a flower by its ear or not. 

The final option is to decide if you want the bunny to have a printed face on it or let your child draw their own bunny’s face. If you haven’t yet, try letting your child draw their own face on their craft some time because it will make their craft a one-of-a-kind giving it lots of character that comes from your kiddos imagination.   

Who can Fit the Easter Crown?

The bunny ear template comes with crown extenders so anyone wanting a bunny hat can wear one because it can be made to fit toddlers, preschoolers, kids of all ages, and adults. Just measure your child’s head and everyone in your classroom or home can have a pair of bunny ears to wear. Sounds like a perfect Easter photo opp to show off your cute Easter craft!  

Bunny Ear Template and Easter Crown

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  • Print the template out on white cardstock.
  • Let your child decorate the crown template.
  • Cut out the crown template.

  • Take the crowns larger cut out the Crown Extenders included with the template. Measure your child’s head, and staple the extender to the ends of the crown template. 

  • Make sure the staple is folded correctly and there are no sharp points. If there are, carefully fold the staple down.
  • Now the crown is ready to wear.

Don’t see the box? Click the link to be taken to the download.