Turkey Feather Count & Sort Playdough Game & Free Printable

  Grab a copy of our Thanksgiving Turkey Game printable and start counting, sorting, and learning numbers with us. This post is presented as part…


Grab a copy of our Thanksgiving Turkey Game printable and start counting, sorting, and learning numbers with us. This post is presented as part of the Creative Preschoolers team, so be sure to see all the activities included at the end of this post. Also if you missed it, I just shared the Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas where I know you will find something for you and your kiddos to enjoy.

Turkey Feather Count & Sort Playdough Game & Free Printable



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Turkey Feather Count & Sort Playdough Game & Free Printable

Free Printable: Turkey Game (Comes in color and Black & White available to download at the end of this post)


Objective: Counting, Sorting, Number Recognition, One to one correspondence

Play dough-preferably green, brown, yellow, red, and orange-but any color will work.
Paper-green, brown, yellow, red, and orange (We used paint samples)
Counters (optional)
Counting mat (optional)
The numbers on the turkey go from 0-10. If you want to do larger numbers you could use two turkeys to make a number (Example: 2 & 0 to make the number 20). I printed out 20 feathers (2 sheets), but you could print out more or less.
To prep the activity: Cut out the game pieces, and separate play dough into 10 pieces.  I suggest laminating the pieces so they stay nice for multiple uses. If you don’t have a laminator or laminating sheets, tape a toothpick to the bottom of the feathers so they are easy to poke into the play dough.

Counting and Number Match

Game 1: 
Let child pick a turkey and place it in a ball of play dough. Have them count out feathers to match the number on the turkey and stick them in the play dough.


Once all the feathers where in place we used our counting mat to put the turkey on top of its matching number.


Game 2:
Count out 1-10 feathers and put them in a pile. Next, have the child count them and place them in the play dough. Finally, select the turkey with the matching number of feathers and place it in the play dough.

We used our counting mat with counters. Every time she put a feather in the play dough, she placed a counter on her mat. This helped increase the number of times she saw each number.

She really liked the turkeys with lots of feathers. She kept laughing at them, which made the activity really fun!


Color Sorting

Game 1:
Layout one piece of red, green, orange, brown, and yellow paper/paint samples. Give child a pile of feathers and encourage them to place the feathers on matching paper.

Mr. Tickles would ask, “Here mommy, here mommy?” Once he had decided where he thought his feather should go. If he guessed incorrectly I would say, “Your feather is yellow, and that paper is red. Can you find the yellow paper?” He would look around and find the right spot.
Game 2:
Give child 4 balls of play dough that are red, green, orange, yellow, and brown. We didn’t have brown play dough, so we used white. If you don’t have the right color of play dough, just use one color of play dough, and stick each ball on top of matching colored paper. Give the child a pile of feathers and encourage them to stick the feathers in the matching play dough.

After Mr. Tickles was done placing his feathers we counted them together. He loves to count! He holds out his hand for me to hold with his finger out for me to point with him.


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Turkey Feather Count & Sort Playdough Game & Free Printable


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