Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards: FUN for Everyone

Let the games begin! These free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards are perfect for family game nights or small groups at school or church this November.Thank…


Let the games begin! These free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards are perfect for family game nights or small groups at school or church this November.

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Thanksgiving is all about gathering together, so to facilitate FUN and together time download, prep, and play this FREE Thanksgiving Bingo game! The cute Thanksgiving themed Bingo cards have traditional holiday items on them like Turkey, football, pumpkins, fall leaves, and food! 

The best part is that young children, adults, and grandparents can all play together since Bingo is a game for all ages so the whole family can be included in the Thanksgiving fun! 

Download the free printable Thanksgiving bingo game at the bottom of this post. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Game to play with family and friends at home or school. #thanksgiving #kidsactivity

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Have fun all November long! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make Turkey Crafts with Kids, or give them these Thanksgiving Color By Number Pages to color after school or during quiet time, and don’t forget to grab the FREE Printable Thanksgiving Placemat <–keeps the kiddos happy during Thanksgiving dinner.

When is a Good Time to Play Bingo?

How about when you are spending time with your kiddos, planning a Thanksgiving party, facilitating a school station, having a family gathering, teaching a church lesson, and after Thanksgiving dinner… These are all perfect times to play Thanksgiving Bingo!

About the Bingo Cards

The free set comes with 10 unique cards. They can be printed on standard 8.5×11 printer paper or white cardstock for added durability. Each card includes a FREE SPACE, my gift to you because everyone loves getting something for free–hehe. 

How Can I Play If I Have More than 10 Players?

Don’t worry, you can still play! If you have more than 10 people playing you can:

Option 1: Print multiple sets of the Bingo Cards, making sure to keep each set separate from the other set. Divide your players into groups, then each group gets a set of Bingo cards. You can have one caller for all the groups, or each group can have its own caller. Each Bingo round should have a winner from each group.

Option 2: Print multiple sets of Bingo Cards and pass out a random card to each player. Play bingo as usual. Since some people will have the same Bingo card, each Bingo round could have multiple winners. 

How Playing Bingo Helps Kids Learn

Not only are participants playing a game, but they also benefit from playing bingo by practicing listening skills (auditory skills) when Bingo items are called. They are also practicing visual skills, as they look for the item on their Bingo card. Great for all ages including young children and elderly. 

This Bingo set also includes the name of each item, so children can practice reading skills, and to help ensure players are marking off the correct item. 

What You Need to Play Thanksgiving Bingo

All you need is the Thanksgiving Bingo Cards, Calling Cards, and Bingo Markers. 

What Can You Use for Bingo Markers?

You can select what kind of Bingo markers you want to use, basically, small items will work like these cute fall-themed mini erasers. Make the game traditional and use Bingo Markers and you can reuse the markers for do-a-dot activities (Bingo cards are 1-time use). You can use plastic Bingo chips that are placed on the Bingo card and easily cleared off the board when the game ends, perfect for multiple games.  Lastly, my children’s personal favorite is when they get a bowl full of candy to use as Bingo markers that they can eat when the activity is over. fall colored candy corn, or M&Ms are perfect fall colors to play with. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

Directions are included in the FREE printable.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Game to play at home or school with friends and family. #familytime #thanksgiving #kidsactivity

How to Prepare Your Bingo Game

Print out the Bingo cards and Calling Cards. 

Optional: Laminate the cards or place them inside dry-erase pockets or page protectors for added durability.

Cut the calling cards out and place them in a cup or bowl. 

Select or Prepare Bingo Markers. I included some in the pdf that can be cut out with a circle punch or cut into squares to save time. 

How to Play Thanksgiving Bingo

Choose a Bingo Caller. This is the person who is going to select the calling cards. It’s possible that this person can also have a Bingo card and play along if they can multi-task between calling and managing their own Bingo card.

Pass out Bingo Cards and markers.

The Caller will select one card, call out what it is, and players mark off the picture on the Bingo Card.

When a player has marked 5 squares in a straight line (diagonal, horizontal, vertical), they call out Bingo. The caller checks the squares with the cards that have been called and confirms the win. If multiple people call out Bingo they can all win or just the first person who called it out wins, it’s up to you and how many winners you want to have. 

Tip: Have a lot of time to play? Keep players motivated by having only one winner per game… then players will want to keep playing so they can win and don’t forget the prizes.

Download the Printable Here:

Don’t see the box? Click this link to be taken to the Thanksgiving Bingo Download.

More Thanksgiving Fun!

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