Sensory Play: Taste Safe Kinetic Sand Recipe

We love all things Sensory Play, and I have been dying to play with kinetic sand! Since I have a toddler who usually ends up…


We love all things Sensory Play, and I have been dying to play with kinetic sand! Since I have a toddler who usually ends up tasting and/or throwing our activities, I have waited to spend the money on some. Instead I came up with a Taste-Safe (and cheaper) alternative that feels grainy like sand, can be molded into sandcastles, and is amazingly fun to play with! We made our first YouTube video so you can see our sand in action.

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My daughter who is only 4 LOVES YouTube. She has to earn YouTube time otherwise she would watch it all the time! She is super excited to start a YouTube channel and has been brainstorming what type of videos she wants to make. I have decided to encourage her because she was born in the age of online technology and social media. So with no further introduction, here is her YouTube debut.

Taste Safe Kinetic Sand Recipe

1 Cup dried milk powder (I bought a generic kind for $3.00)
Up to 3/4 C oil
Sensory play tools
Small sand tools

Now, if your child is allergic to milk this recipe may not be as taste-safe as originally thought but don’t worry, we have a milk free sand recipe that we did awhile ago that should be perfect; Edible Sand Sensory Activity.


1.  Dump the milk powder into your bowl and slowly add oil. You want the powder to become moist, but not over saturated. Adjust the amount of oil as needed. If you feel like you have too much oil, add more milk powder until you get a consistency you like. Once it’s all mixed together, the kids can start playing.

Our kinetic sand is messier then the store bought kind. My kids had oil and some of the sand mixture on their hands when they were done playing. It all washed off with soap and water just fine but you may want to be prepared with plastic on the ground, aprons on, and ready to wash hands right after the activity. My kids have stayed busy with our sand for hours now (and ask to play with it all the time!), so in my book it was well worth the mess…I figure everything is washable :).

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