How to Make a Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin that SMELLS YUMMY

We had so much fun with our strawberry scented sensory rice that my daughter wanted me to make more in all different colors. Now we have a…

We had so much fun with our strawberry scented sensory rice that my daughter wanted me to make more in all
different colors. Now we have a bucket of rainbow rice to play with whenever we feel like (it stays good for a long time). I love this method for making rainbow rice because it’s so easy, which makes making 6 batches for each color, a cinch! The colors turn out bright, and the rice smells so good with our added secret ingredient, making it extra fun to play with during sensory time.

What to do with Colored Rice?

Once you have made your colored rice, how should your kids play with it? Some fun things we have done
with our rice is:
  • Add toys, letters, numbers, scoops, measuring cups, and funnels to our rice sensory bins
  • Play hide and seek by hiding an object in the sensory bin for children to find.
  • Use the colored rice to craft with
  • Make a Find-the Object bottle with rice and small toys

Rainbow Rice Sensory Play Recipe

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1 tsp. of powdered Kool-aid without sugar (When shopping for your Kool-aid packets, look at the color of drink in the pitcher to know what color the Kool-aid is inside. I was bummed out when tropical punch in the blue box turned out to be red inside).

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  • Lemonade-Yellow and Orange rice
  • Grape-Purple rice
  • Cherry-Red rice
  • Lemon Lime-Green and Blue rice

1 C. uncooked rice1 T. water
Food coloring

1.  Make one color at a time by mixing the Kool-aid, rice, water, and food coloring in a bag or container until the rice is fully coated (my kids love shaking the bags to mix the rice). Set the rice out to dry and occasionally mix it up so the bottom can dry too (I opened our bags and set them on the counter and would give them a little shake now and again). It took ours a couple hours, then it was ready to play with.
Since blue Kool-aid doesn’t exist, I used a little Lemon lime flavoring and blue food coloring to make our blue sensory rice so it still smells good, but is the right color.
For orange I used the yellow colored Kool-aid and added orange food coloring.
For green I used the yellow colored Kool-aid and added green food coloring.

More Fun Sensory Play Activities To Try

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Love, Katie & the Kiddos


  1. Hi, and if you can't use kool aid? I live in south america and we don't have that here, and I don't think there are similar products, would it be enough with the food coloring? And what is the T of water stand for? a tablespoon? I assume the 1 C rice means 1 cup? Could someone please explain that? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Malena, You could do this without the kool aid, it just wouldn't have the fruity smell. You are also correct, the T stands for tablespoon and the C is for cup. I will try and remember to right it out next time. Thanks for the questions. Let me know if I can help further 🙂

  2. Berry Blue and Ice Blue Raspberry are awesome blue kool-aid flavors 🙂

  3. Hi Danielle, Thanks so much! My kids think the "smell good" rice is awesome, I hope your son enjoys it just as much 🙂

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