Taste Safe Sensory Sand for Kids

Edible Sand Sensory Activity Happy Friday! Hi friends, who lives next to the beach because we would love to come visit! 🙂 Growing up in…

Edible Sand Sensory Activity
Happy Friday! Hi friends, who lives next to the beach because we would love to come visit! 🙂 Growing up in California I lived right next to the water and I miss it a ton! So in honor of our beach theme, we recreated a mini beach right in our backyard for the kids to play with. The kids ditched our sandbox and loved playing with this edible sand. I love how it feels grainy like sand and can be formed into sandcastles without adding water. I shared another great edible sand sensory recipe on yesterdays Ocean roundup post that is also worth checking out if you missed it. Everything in this edible sand sensory recipe comes from the pantry so it is taste safe for all ages to enjoy (not a snack though). So grab the kids and some sunscreen (just kidding, you don’t need sunscreen) and start playing!

1/2 C. Corn meal
1/2 C. Flour
1 T. Oil
1 T. Corn Syrup
Small sand toys (optional)

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I recommend making 1 batch per kid.

(Remember, ingredients are edible-but not combined to be a snack 🙂


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1.  Mix the dry ingredients together.

2.  Stir the oil in. Next stir in the corn syrup. Adjust amount as needed, you want the sand to feel grainy and crumble under pressure, but also be mold-able and hold shape if squeezed for sand castle building. The sand wasn’t sticky to touch.

3.  Let kiddos play. We used small little scoops to make our sand castles. We filled them up with our sand, packed it down, and then turned it over and tapped the bottom until our sand castle came out. Almost as good as being on the beach!

Edible Sand Sandcastles


I love the look of amazement and discovery as they made their first sandcastle.


By providing them with scoops and cups, they are free to explore our sensory activity. I just sit back and watch them play.
The kiddos loved the addition of drink decoration umbrellas. Our backyard was feeling extra tropical today!

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  1. This was several months ago I see, but I was wondering if you think this "sand" would keep for any length of time or if I should toss it when we are done playing?

    1. Hi Leasha, Ours stayed good for a couple weeks and then I tossed it and we moved onto our next activity. If I remember correctly it was still good to use however it would dry out and I would have to add a little more corn syrup.

  2. Very neat, and just what I'm looking for to go along with an upcoming blog post of my own! I'm linking to this page of yours; I hope you'll see some new visitors come your way!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting from Tuesday Tutorials! I am so glad to hear you Love our activity! 🙂

  3. We've got every ingredient to do this today!! Don't ya just love the beach umbrellas! We used those too for our beach theme sensory table and it just adds to the mood of things!!

    1. I hope you enjoy the activity! I totally agree the beach umbrellas make anything beach themed perfect!

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