Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities

Kids can do these hands-on cloud activities for FUN and PLAY! They will learn the letter C, cloud science, make a letter C craft, and…


Kids can do these hands-on cloud activities for FUN and PLAY! They will learn the letter C, cloud science, make a letter C craft, and more! Perfect for home and preschool!

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Today starts our letter C week of activities. We have a new batch of sight words, a book by Eric Carle, letter C craft, sensory activity, and science activity for you to enjoy with your kid’s–plenty of fun stuff to play and learn!

 Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities and Crafts

Letter C Sight Words

Free Printable: Letter C Sight Words


Ideas for printable:

  • Place word and matching picture out when doing an activity that matches the word
  • Color the cards
  • Read the word together and match the word with the picture
  • Point and name the letters on the card
  • Write the letter of the week on each card
  • Write the word on each card

So I had to share…I don’t push Ms. Tiger (age 3.5) into writing at all because it takes time for fine motor skills to develop and I don’t want to frustrate her into trying something that she isn’t ready for. However, the other day while we where playing with our sight words she asked if she could write letters. Look what she did, I am so proud!

Yes the letters are all over the place, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that she tried, that I praised her, and she was proud! (I purposefully didn’t put writing lines on the cards because I think lines are too restrictive at such a young age).
She continued to write letters and basically anything she wrote I cheered.
Now let’s start our activities…


C is for Cloud Activities

A Book, Craft, Sensory Activity, and Science Activity

Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities and Crafts


Suggested BookLittle Cloud (affiliate link) by Eric Carle


C is for Cloud Craft

 Make a cute and fluffy C shaped cloud.
Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities and Crafts

Objectives: Letter recognition, creativity, fine motor skills

Age Group: Preschool/Tot School

Paper plate
Cotton balls

1.  Draw the letter C on the paper plate and then cut it out. You could let your kiddo cut theirs out. I cut out Mr. Tickles (age. 1.5).

2.  Glue cotton balls on the letter C. I used a lid to pour some glue into, then they dipped their cotton balls in the glue and stuck it to their plate. Dipping is easier then squeezing a glue bottle.

C is for Cloud Kid Craft

As you can see, Mr. Tickles paid attention long enough to glue 5 cotton balls on his letter C before vacating the craft table. That’s why one of our goals for Tot School is expanding attention span, lol.


C is for Cloud Sensory Play

Let kiddos explore different textures while creating their very own cloud. You can use all edible supplies to make this activity completely safe for tot school (list of supplies coming up).

Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities and Crafts

Objectives: Sensory Play

Age Group: Preschool/ Tot school

Whipped cream (creamy)
Marshmallow cream (sticky)
Marshmallows (fluffy)
Coconut oil/Crisco (oily)
Uncooked White Tapioca pearls or white sprinkles (hard)

Non Edible:
Shaving cream (creamy)
Cotton balls (soft)

1.  Place all supplies out and let kiddos explore.


Before my kiddos made their clouds I had them touch each supply one at a time and decide how to describe what it felt like (sticky, squishy, sticky…) After that, the kids where free to explore.

Originally I had all edible supplies on their tray (except for the cotton balls that I figured wouldn’t do damage and probably wouldn’t be ingested), but as the activity was going I decided to add shaving cream. This was a monumental decision because up until now, all our toddler activities have been taste safe when it came to sensory play.  Whipped cream could be used in place of shaving cream. I just didn’t have any at the time.

Trying a taste of his cloud before the shaving cream was added.

We wrote the letter C in shaving cream once. Ms. Tiger (age 3.5) was more into playing then practicing letters so I didn’t push her into doing it more.



 The kids LOVED building their own cloud!


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C is for Cloud Science

A fun activity to help kids visualize why rain falls from clouds.
Letter of the Week A-Z Series: C is for Cloud Activities and Crafts


Objectives: Science of rain clouds

Age Group: Preschool/ Tot School although keep reading:

We previously did a Why Does it Rain Cloud Science Activity  that I think the kids understood more because the water coming out of the clouds looked like rain drops as it fell through the air instead of leaking down into water. The following activity is really fun, but I think an elementary aged kid would understand it more. They loved using their eye droppers to squirt blue water into the white shaving cream so I still consider it a successful Cloud inspired activity.

Shaving Cream
2 Bowls
Food coloring
Eye Dropper


1.  Fill a large bowl with water. We used my trifle bowl because of it’s flatter sides like a cylinder.

2.  Spray shaving cream on top.

3.  Fill a bowl with water and add food coloring.

4.  Let kids squirt water into the shaving cream and watch the blue “rain” drops fall out of the bottom into the clear water.


After awhile the water was all blue, but the kids didn’t seem to care. They where busy squirting water into the bowl.

More Cloud Activities:
Rain Cloud Mobile by A Little Pinch of Perfect
Clouds (Types of clouds) by Carrots are Orange
Flight School Number Game (Cloud hop) by Learn Play Imagine
Toddler Safe Cloud Dough by Kids Activities Blog
Have a wonderful cloudy day! 
We hope you have been inspired. We have more A-Z activities ready to share with you. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to join our followers so you can continue to play, create, and grow with us!
Love-Katie & the Kiddos


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