Ninja Paper Plate and Cardboard Tube Craft for Your Little Warrior

After watching Big Hero Six with karate trained Baymax and dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween my son is determined to…


After watching Big Hero Six with karate trained Baymax and dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween my son is determined to become (and I am quoting my son who just turned 3) “Karate Expert.” If you ask him he will tell you all about it and if you are lucky he may even show you his punch, sidekick, and roundhouse. In honor of his love of martial arts we made a ninja paper plate craft and cardboard tube nunchucks craft so my little ninja’s can run around pretending to get all the bad guys in make believe land.

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My kids have been running around battling with their nunchucks ever since we made them and if you wanted you could even cut out the eyes on the paper plate craft and turn it into a mask with a little bit of string to tie it on. Or if you are having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party you could switch out the black paint for green for a turtle-tubular craft-hehe.

Ninja Craft for Kids

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Paper Plate Ninja Craft

Paper plate
Black paint
Paint brush
Black marker
Washi tape or craft paper
Paper and scissors (optional)

1.  Draw an oblong (racetrack or Twinkies) shape on the paper plate for the eyes. I folded a piece of paper in half and drew half the shape, cut it out, and unfolded the paper to make sure it would be symmetrical.

2.  Have child paint the paper plate, making sure to leave the space blank for the eyes, and set the plate aside to dry.

Why yes, that is a Baymax on our wall. We played pin the eyes on Baymax at the kids recent birthday party. Now the party is over Little Tiger turned Baymax into a snowman so he can stay on the wall for a while. 

3.  Have child draw on eyes and use washi tape (or gluing craft paper) to make the ninja headband and add a bit of style to their masked warrior.

Toilet Paper Roll Nunchucks Craft

2 toilet paper rolls

Black paint
Paint brush
Washi tape or craft paper
Hold punch


1.  Have child paint the toilet paper rolls black and set them aside to dry.

2.  Have child decorate the top of the each toilet paper roll with washi tape (or by gluing craft paper).

3.  Punch two holes at the top of the toilet paper roll where the washi tape is. (The holes should be across from each other). Thread yarn through the holes and tie the toilet paper rolls together. Now the kids have a homemade weapon 🙂 that hopefully can’t do any damage. My little kids have been swinging them around at each other without any complaint of getting hurt. You may want to lay down some ground rules before you set your little ninja’s free :).

My little ninjas! 

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  1. "Karate expert" love it! I also love that I have all the supplies to make these today for my little warriorss

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