Soda Bottle Space Rocket Craft for Kids

Turn an empty soda bottle into a rocket craft for kids to MAKE and PLAY with! Such a fun way to recycle and craft with…


Turn an empty soda bottle into a rocket craft for kids to MAKE and PLAY with! Such a fun way to recycle and craft with kids!

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What’s rocket shaped and durable? With a little imagination, an empty soda bottle is the perfect item to make a space rocket craft!

We really are in a space kind of mood since our solar system play dough activity and toilet paper roll space shuttles that making a rocket seemed like a necessary thing to do :).  When done, try this Straw Rocket STEM Challenge too.

We Love Recycling to Make Crafts! 

We used a recycled soda bottle that I had leftover from making our recycled soda bottle flowers and added in some more recycled parts to make a rocket craft that is out of this world! I love how the added recycled parts give it a fancy look and they are more sturdy than cardboard rockets so if your kids want to give them a toss, they should survive the journey.

Recycled Soda Bottle Space Rocket

Since we made our rockets my kids have been flying them around the house nonstop. We can’t stop singing the blast off song…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 blast off…  then jumping up making our rockets fly as high as we can reach in the air.
Empty soda bottle
Laundry detergent lid
Food pouch lid/small lid
Wrapping paper/craft paper
Hot glue gun/glue
Craft foam
My daughter helped to cut out the paper and foam, and also decorated her rocket with stickers. I did the rest.  Your child’s age and skill level will determine how much they can help with the construction of their rocket.
1.  Cut the bottom of the soda bottle off. (I used a knife to puncture the bottle to make a hole so I could get my scissors inside the bottle to cut). Then cut a straight line to the top of the bottle and cut the neck of the soda bottle off.
2.  Fit the remaining bottom portion of your soda bottle inside the groves of your laundry detergent lid (the sides of the soda bottle should be overlapping). Tape the soda bottle closed.
3.  Remove the soda bottle and cover with paper and secure with tape. Fill the grove of the laundry detergent lid with hot glue and replace the soda bottle to secure the two pieces together. Hot glue the food pouch lid to the front of the rocket.
3.  Cut out 4 triangles from the craft foam and hot glue them to the sides of the rocket.
For an added element of fun, we put some glow in the dark paint on our rockets to play with under our black light. Some of our foam star stickers even glowed.
1, 2, 3…blast off!!! Thanks for joining us today!

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Have a great day!
Love, Katie & the Kiddos


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