Fun and Easy Easter Activities for Kids

Make Easter FUN with these EASY Games to play, free printables to download, and Easter activities to enjoy with your kids at home or school!…


Make Easter FUN with these EASY Games to play, free printables to download, and Easter activities to enjoy with your kids at home or school!

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Looking for ways to make this Easter extra special for your kids? Check out this list of unique Easter egg hunts, crafts, and games to keep your little ones entertained and excited during the holiday season. Find inspiration with this list of Easter activities for kids.

Make Easter FUN with these EASY Games to play, free printables to download, and Easter activities to enjoy with your kids at home or school!  #kidsactivity #easter

Fun and Easy Easter Activities

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Make Easter FUN with these EASY Games to play, free printables to download, and Easter activities to enjoy with your kids at home or school! #kidsactivity #easter

Easter Bunny Printable Craft <–by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Need a bunny craft? This one is too cute! Kids can color or paint the bunny template and use it to decorate for Easter. This bunny craft can also be cut out and a plastic egg attached to its hands to hold Easter surprises inside.

No-Bake Chocolate Easter Egg Nests <–by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Head to the kitchen and make chocolate nests with candy eggs…Activities in the kitchen are always FUN for kids, and yummy too!

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests are an adorable treat for your next Easter or spring gathering. This no-bake dessert is EASY to make and yummy to eat! #dessert #easter #recipes

Easter Egg Letter Matching Game <– by Mom Wife Busy Life

Make learning fun this Easter with this egg letter matching game. Let your little ones practice their letter recognition skills by matching uppercase letters to their lowercase counterparts.

Easter egg letter matching game for preschoolers

Easter Egg Letter Hunt <– by Messy Little Monster

This Easter activity for kids checks all the boxes for a memorable experience. Not only will the kids have a blast searching for hidden letters in Easter eggs, but they’ll also be actively engaged and learning along the way.

Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues <–by Life with Darcy & Brian

Have an egg-cellent Easter adventure with these printable Easter scavenger hunt clues. Whether you’re guiding your little ones to hidden baskets or creating a unique twist on the traditional egg hunt, get ready for a memorable experience.

Easter Egg Roll Activity <–by Red Ted Art

Start a new family tradition with this Easter egg roll activity. Gather the family and enjoy this quick craft and game together.

Don’t Crack the Egg – An Easter Matching Game by Homan at Home

Try this “Don’t Crack the Egg” matching game for a fun Easter activity. Test your skills in finding the Easter bunny without cracking the egg.

Easter Egg Playdough Activity by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Add some learning to Easter activities. This playdough Easter egg activity is the perfect way to engage your preschooler’s imagination while they learn important skills like one-to-one correspondence, fine motor skills, and number recognition.

Easter Egg Stamp and Count Playdough Math: Children can decorate Easter eggs as they work on one-to-one correspondence, fine motor skills, and number recognition. (#math #preschool #easteractivity #easteregg)

DIY Plastic Egg Sensory Shakers <–by Finding Myself Young

Shake things up with these DIY plastic egg sensory shakers. This Easter activity is a fantastic way to engage your child’s senses and create unique sounds.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny <–by Mommy Made That

Get your hands on this pin the tail on the bunny game and enjoy hours of laughter and friendly competition. It’s a fun Easter twist on the traditional donkey game.

Fizzing Colors Easter Reaction Experiment <–by STEAMsational

This Easter egg science experiment encourages scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills. It will have kids asking questions and seeking answers in a fun and engaging way. This Easter STEM activity is perfect for preschoolers.

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt by Toddler Approved

Transform your backyard into a mesmerizing wonderland with a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt, where the vibrant colors and glowing eggs create a magical atmosphere. Kids will love this twist on a traditional Easter activity.

Easter Egg Olympics <–by Play Party Plan

Try out these Easter egg game ideas, from an Easter egg memory game to egg rolling races, that will have everyone competing for a golden egg filled with treats! These games will keep the whole family entertained and excited.

Feed the Bunny <–by Taming Little Monsters

Turn learning into playtime with this Feed the Bunny fine motor activity. It’s a win-win for both fun and skill development.

How to Make Blown-Out Easter Eggs <–by Lorena & Lennox

This tutorial will guide you through the process of making blown-out Easter eggs. These colorful creations will become treasured decorations for years to come.

How to make blown out Easter eggs

Bunny Home Challenge <–by Hands On Teaching Ideas

Challenge your child to think outside the box and use their STEM knowledge to create a unique and innovative bunny habitat. This hands-on STEM project is a great way to teach kids about engineering principles while celebrating Easter.

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