Sun Melted Crayon Art for Kids

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My kiddos love nothing more then to be outside so I have tried to incorporate the outdoors with some of our art activities. On Monday we shared our Olaf Magic Paint Recipe that dried in the sun to make the magic happen. Today I thought we would finish the week with another sun treated activity-sun melted crayon art.

It’s a simple process art activity, and we have been needing to do more process art– open ended art with freedom to explore vs. product art-structured art. Here is why…

Why Process Art is Important:

  • It helps develop creative exploration
  • It helps build confidence to do what feels natural-go with your gut
  • It’s a no pressure way to create because the end result is not predetermined

I think both types of art have their place, but recently I realized we had been doing a lot of product art. It was time to let the kiddos explore, and time for me to keep my mouth shut. Honestly, I found this activity really relaxing because once the crayons where prepped I didn’t have anything to do but watch. My kiddos loved it!


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Let’s get crafting:Supplies:
Wax paper
Tray or baking sheet
Plastic bag
Hammer or something hard to smash crayons
Knife (optional)
Cookie cutters (optional)Directions:

1.  Peel the labels off the crayons. I let the kiddos start peeling away and ended up with little pieces of crayon wrappers everywhere. Their little hands where working hard, (some great fine motor skill practice).

It was taking a long time to get the pile of crayons peeled so to speed up the process I used a knife to slice the crayon wrapper and then let the kiddos peel off the paper.

2.  Put the crayons in a bag and let kiddos break them up with a hammer or something heavy. I let the kids use our magnet wands.

They loved hitting the bag repeatedly. I used a rolling pin to finish crushing the crayons a bit more because my kids are little and didn’t break all the crayons. I think the smaller pieces and crayon “dust” worked best for this activity.

Why yes, Mr. Tickles is crafting in is jammies.


Aren’t 60ish crayons broken up pretty!

3.  Place a piece of wax paper on your tray and let kiddos create by putting crayon pieces on their paper. We used one big sheet of wax paper, but if you wanted you could cut out cute shapes to decorate.

We tried out our new scissor handled scoops. I love them and hope they are applicable to all future activities!
Ms. Tiger got everything arranged how she wanted to and left the activity to catch bugs. Mr. Tickles stayed at the activity a surprisingly long time and rearranged everything the way he liked.
Here is the tray how Mr. Tickles left it. He spent a long time picking the crayon pieces up to fill our mini cookie cutters (more fine motor skills happening). 

4.  Place your tray in the sun. We let ours sit while we went and ran errands. We returned after 3 hours and our sun baked art was done.

I added a reflective sun shade to the chair to help it heat up. When we returned it had blown off, so I am pretty sure it is unnecessary.


Once the crayon was melted it was really fun to explore everything with our hands because some parts felt really smooth and other parts felt really bumpy.
Sun Melted Crayon Art
Now it’s your turn! Have fun 🙂
Kiddos need a snack after being in the sun?
Make some Jello Jigglers Kids Art while you wait for the sun to melt your art.

 If you love kids, we have more fun ideas for you!

Thanks for visiting, Love-Katie & the Kiddos


  1. We have so many broken crayons in a bucket, I think we are going to have to try this!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. We love making melted crayon art. Thanks for sharing with us at Mommy Monday Blog Hop; pinned!

    1. Thanks Kim! I collect them too and they just pile up…the silly thing is I didn't think to use them for this project.

  3. Love this idea, will have to give it a go, a great way to use up all those ends of broken crayon 🙂 Pinning for later!
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) #pintorials

    1. Hi Sara 🙂 So true, we always have little bits of broken crayon. Thanks so much for visiting and the pin!

  4. We've tried melting crayons in the sun but it didn't work for us. Maybe the day wasn't hot enough. This time I think I'll try your reflective sun shade technique. Sounds like fun!

    1. Hi Emma, our tiny pieces of crayon melted the best, some of the larger chunks didn't melt very much at all. If the sun and the reflective shade doesn't do the trick you can always pop it in the oven. I hope it works this time. 🙂

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