Jello Jigglers Kids Art Activity

Who knew Jello Jigglers could get even more fun.  Kids can use “Jello paint” to paint designs on their Jello and then eat their artwork….


Who knew Jello Jigglers could get even more fun.  Kids can use “Jello paint” to paint designs on their Jello and then eat their artwork.  The color stays put in the thick Jello base, so they can make pictures or swirl it around…whatever they like because you are letting them play with their food.  Awesome!  

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My daughter loved this activity.  When she was done painting, she drank the Jello  paint, and later enjoyed her personalized Jello  jigglers.  

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1 Small box of lightly colored Jello (or Gelatin Dessert)
1 C. Hot Water
¾ C Sweetened Condensed Milk
Food coloring
1 C. Hot Water
Eye Droppers 


1. Mix Jello with the hot water until it is all dissolved.

2. Measure ¼ C. of the Jello mixture and reserve for later to make colors to paint with.

3. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into your main Jello bowl, stir until well mixed, then pour into a dish.  If you have multiple children they could each have their own dish.    

4. To make the colors, take 1 TBS. of the reserved Jello, add 1 TBS. water, and add food coloring until you get your desired color. You will want the color to be darker than the Jello in the pan so that it stands out when marbled.  The water helps slow down the Jello from setting before the activity is over. 

5. Drop Jello colors onto Jello using Eye Droppers.  They can make pictures or swirl the design to make a marble look.  

6. Put the Jello in the fridge until it is set up (I let mine set 1 hour), then use cookie cutters to cut out your jigglers and eat.  Yummy and fun!

If you are using a large box of Jello  use the following:
2 C. Hot Water
1 ½ C. Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 C. Hot Water

Have fun with your kiddos and jigglers! 
If you like tasty art, something else I think you may be interested in is our edible paint recipe that is great for little artists of all ages.
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