Mix ‘N Squish SHAMROCK: St. Patrick’s Day SENSORY BAG to Explore COLOR

Make St. Patrick’s Day sensory bags for an active way for kids to explore color while teaching skills like color mixing and fine motor skills….

Make St. Patrick’s Day sensory bags for an active way for kids to explore color while teaching skills like color mixing and fine motor skills.

Learn how to make a St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bag for children to explore colors with the free SHAMROCK template and easy directions. 

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St. Patrick’s Day is all about seeing green so let’s help kids do just that with a few simple supplies, a bag, and the shamrock template. Kids will love mixing and squishing their St. Patrick’s Day sensory bag to turn their shamrock green during this fun sensory activity that’s just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Sensory Bag with yellow and blue

Kids will learn about primary and secondary colors and the magic of color mixing in a fun way with this mess-free sensory activity. I love it when sensory activities are naturally engaging while also offering learning opportunities along the way.

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My Little Pup (age 3) wasn’t sure what to do with Shamrock Sensory Bag when I presented it to him (which is totally normal when presented with a new item). So I showed him how to squish and swirl the sensory bag with his finger and watch the colors mix together. He had so much fun! After playing with his sensory bag throughout the day, he was able to name the colors yellow, and blue while also answering the question,” What color does yellow and blue make?” –“GREEN”!!! Yay!  (You can even hear him on the video tutorial).

Now I stuck with just yellow, blue, and green, but you could always make several sensory bags with different primary color combinations like we did when we did our Valentine’s Sensory Squish Bag Hearts.  

Benefits of Sensory Bags

I LOVE sensory bins for times when we want to dig in and I also love sensory bags. Sensory bags offer a mess-free sensory experience and can often be stored and used over again. 

The contents in sensory bags can be changed for children to:

  • Squish for fun
  • Move with a purpose (move an item to a certain location of the bag for sorting, counting, creating)
  • Traced on with a finger or q-tip (fine motor practice) 

As the sensory bags are played with, children benefit by enjoying, Sensory Exploration, Hand-Eye-Coordination, and Fine Motor Skills.

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Can I Reuse the Sensory Bag?

Yes, you can rinse the bag out and restart the activity unless you tape your bag closed, then you need to just grab a new bag. 


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St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bag

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St Patricks Day Shamrock Sensory Bag


Shamrock Template (or draw your own)

Ziplock Bag (We used the Freezer 1qt Size because it is thicker and seels well) 

Blue Paint

Yellow Paint

Black Permanent Marker (I like to use the Thick Tipped Markers because it’s easier to see on the bag). 

Optional: Nail Polish Remover and Paper Towel

Tip: If you are worried that your bag did not seal or that your kiddo will open it, you can fold the top over and tape it down with clear packing tape.  


Watch our Video Tutorial to see how to make it and watch how to play with it. The template and directions can be downloaded and printed for free. 

Print out the Shamrock Template.

Optional: Remove the label from your ziploc bag by using the paper towel to rub the label off. 

Place your plastic bag on top of the shamrock template and use the permanent marker to trace it into the bag.

Open the bag and pour blue paint and yellow paint inside the bag. It doesn’t take much. 

Now it’s time for your kiddo to play with the sensory bag. Let them explore while directing or correcting behavior if needed (Yes-squishing and swirling the bag, no-poking or opening the bag). Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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