No Mess Sensory Play: Winter in a Bag

Putting sensory ingredients in a bag is an easy way for kids (and parents) to enjoy mess free sensory play. Kids can squish, pop, and…


Putting sensory ingredients in a bag is an easy way for kids (and parents) to enjoy mess free sensory play. Kids can squish, pop, and draw with their fingers in squishy mixtures without needing to be hosed down when they are all done with the activity. Our Winter Sensory Bags look like a pretty winter dream, and way better then the cold ice and snow that is currently outside our door.

We have played with our Winter Sensory Bags over and over again. In between play times I just pop them in the fridge to stay good. When we play with them again they are nice and cool…fitting for a Winter or Frozen themed sensory experience that wont freeze little hands.My kiddos and I have been sick so this was a perfect activity that required little effort, and they could enjoy and take a break from as they wished without having to put on aprons, or be washed off each time.

Sensory Play: Winter in a Bag


Cheap clear hair gel
Cellophane Glitter
Plastic bag
(optional) Uncooked Tapioca Pearls (affiliate link to mini pearls-we used regular sized ones) 
 (Photo is an Affiliate Link)

We use our tapioca pearls a lot, and one bag has lasted a long time. You can find them in Asian markets or online.  One of our most popular activities has been our Edible Water Beads, one of our favorite Taste Safe Activities thus far. Since they are white they were perfect to throw in our Frozen Winter Sensory Bag…just like mini snow balls. If you don’t have any don’t worry about it.The marshmallows are super fun to squish around and you can always search your kitchen or craft room for what you have on hand.


1.  Put half a bottle of hair gel in a bag with all the ingredients, seal tight, and let kids play.If you are extra cautions, you may want to tape the bag closed to make sure the activity really stays mess free. Our bags stayed closed, but one of them did spring a leak and I had to patch it with good ole duct tape. Don’t forget you can also pop the sensory bag in the fridge for a “cool” hands’ on experience.

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  1. This looks fun for little hands! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

  2. Look at the kiddos having such fun. They look so cute. (the bags are cute too)

  3. we just made some gel sensory bags too, so much fun and the options of what to put in them are endless!

    1. Hi Susen, they are so fun and simple my kid's are total fans!

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