Build a SNOWMAN Sensory Bag that’s Squishy and Inviting for Kids

Learn how to make a winter sensory bag full of white snowballs that children can build a snowman with all winter long using the free…

Learn how to make a winter sensory bag full of white snowballs that children can build a snowman with all winter long using the free template and directions.

Ready to have fun building a snowman with your kids without having to worry about the cold? Then let me show you how to make a snowman sensory bag using pretend snowballs and a free snowman template. I bet your kids can’t keep their hands off this squishy and inviting sensory activity!

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I can’t help but hear the words, “Do you want to build a snowman?” famously sung by Anna in my head when I think of this activity. If you and your kiddos are like me and the answer is YES, then this activity is perfect for you and you should check out our Playdough Snowman Recipe too.

No matter where you live like on the top of the mountain where the snow never melts or a place where it’s warm and never snows, your kids can experience making a snowman this winter while staying nice and warm indoors (no need to spend 30 minutes bundling the kids up to go outside).

Simply make this sensory bag, and let your kids build a snowman over and over again.


Add some extra sensory fun by making the sensory bag cold so it really resembles building a snowman. Just pop it in the refrigerator before giving it to your kiddos to play with. When they touch the sensory bag it will be so cool–literally!

Want to make a winter sensory bottle too? Make a Snowman Snow Globe Sensory Bottle.

I LOVE making Sensory Bags because once they are made they are a perfect grab-and-play activity that I can give my preschooler and big kids to play with any time. Since all the contents are in a plastic bag, sensory bags are a mess-free way for them to play and be entertained. Sensory bags are also beneficial, you can read more on sensory play here: 5 Benefits of Sensory Play by Goodstart Learning

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What Do I Do with My Sensory Bag When not Being Used?

I keep the sensory bags around in a plastic container (just in case it springs a leak) to be pulled out when I need a moment to wash dishes, help my other kids with school, or let my toddler (age 3) have some quiet time.  

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Have you played with water beads before?

We used  White Water Beads-affiliate link to make our snowballs. What are water beads you may be asking? They are one of the best sensory supplies out there. They start out small–which is a bonus because you don’t have to store a big item, and they magically grow. They are made out of polymer and absorb water like crazy! The result is a squishy, smooth, slippery, sphere, of fun! They come in all colors and can be used for all sorts of sensory activities.  

They ***are not edible*** so make sure your kids are supervised and know not to eat them. It’s always good practice to change locations of activities from eating places. I like to do sensory activities at our sensory table, and keep the kitchen table for eating. 

No Water Beads?

You can buy them here (White Water Beads-affiliate link), or here are a few alternative supplies you can try that are large enough to be easily moved around the sensory bag so children can still build a snowman with them.  

  • White Pom Poms
  • White Beads


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Build a SNOWMAN Sensory Bag

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Snowman Template

White Water Beads-affiliate link

Gallon Zip Lock Bag

Black Permanent Marker




Nail Polish Remover and Cotton Ball 

Duct Tape

Blue Food Coloring


For your convenience you can watch our short video tutorial and print the directions with the Snowman Template download.

Make the White Water Beads-affiliate link by “growing” them. Put 1tsp or more in a bowl. Add water, and wait for them to absorb water. As they grow, you may need to add more water to the bowl.

Optional: Using the nail polish remover and cotton ball, wipe the label on the zip lock bag to remove it. 

Print out the Snowman Template, place it under the bag, and trace the snowman onto the bag with a permanent marker. 

Now it’s time to make the sensory bag. Put a scoop of water beads into the bag.

Optional: Put a small amount of blue food coloring into the water. I like to use a lot of water because I want the water to be “slightly” tinted so the snowballs can still be white. If you put too much food coloring in they will turn blue.

Carefully pour some water into the sensory bag. When the bag has enough water that the water beads can move, close the bag. If you fill the sensory bag too full that the water beads won’t stay in one place, remove some water.

If you are worried about the bag coming open or being opened, place a piece of duct tape across the top to keep it closed.

Now it’s ready to play with!

How to Introduce the Snowman Sensory Bag to your Child

The first time I give my kids a new sensory bag I like to sit with them, teach them how to move the items in the sensory bag around, and supervise to make sure they are playing with the bag safely. 

When I gave the snowman sensory bag to Little Dog (age 3), I let him touch the bag as his natural curiosity took over. Then I showed him how to move the snowballs around, verbally told him to, “Build a snowman,” and showed him how to move all the snowballs into the middle of the snowman.

I hope your kiddos have just as much fun as my kiddos did, building a snowman this winter.


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