Nature Art Collage & Easy Reusable Craft Frame for Kids

We have been spending a lot of time outside playing, picking flowers, and collecting things along our nature walks. Often times we would forget to bring…


We have been spending a lot of time outside playing, picking flowers, and collecting things along our nature walks. Often times we would forget to bring what we found inside and Ms. Tiger would get so sad after finding it shriveled up on the ground the next day. Now we have a reusable nature craft to preserve and display our finds. It only took 1 minute to make (or even less), and the awesome thing is that you can just peel the backing off and make a new nature craft the next time you are feeling creative.

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Reusable Frame & Nature Craft


Foam craft sheets
Lint Roller (or contact paper)
Stuff you find in nature

We purchased our supplies at the Dollar Tree (I just love dollar store crafts), but you can shop wherever you please. 🙂 Also, we used lint roller sheets which are essentially big pieces of masking tape, in place of contact paper because they are the perfect size and so easy to apply. You can simply replace the sticky sheet making the frame for this nature craft reusable. Just pull off the sheet and your own your way to making a new picture. If you don’t have a lint roller contact paper will work just fine. You will just need to cut it to be the correct size.

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1.  Use your ruler to measure how tall and wide the lint roller sheets are.

2.  Then draw a frame on your foam sheets making sure to make your frame a little bit smaller then the roller sheets. Cut along the lines to cut out the middle of the frame.


3.  Carefully unroll a lint roller sheet so it doesn’t tare, and stick it to the back of your frame. Now you are ready to create some beautiful nature art.


I love how using a lint roller sheet makes this nature craft so easy and fast to make and reuse.

We went around the yard and gathered leaves, flowers, and sticks. Then we dumped everything out and started sticking things to the lint roller sheets. I was excited that everything stuck so well. The kids didn’t take very long making their nature craft pictures



I hope you enjoy the great outdoors today and find time to make a nature craft of your own. 🙂 

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  1. These are so cute! When my guys were little, we would take a walk and come in and make “nature collages” by sticking our findings to a piece of cardstock. 🙂 I like this variation!

    I’m stopping by from the Little Bird Told Me link party. 🙂

  2. Another fantastic early years craft – I love the way the frames look and have added this to our summer crafting fun this year.

    Thank you again for linking up to Tuesday Tots and this post will also be featured this week.

    1. Thanks so much for including our craft too! I really appreciate the time you put into featuring our activities!

  3. I think this is the first time to your blog Katie.

    These look like such great fun, and I love pansy's, they were my grandmothers favorite!!

    Thanks for stopping by this week to ink up I appreciate it!! #WW I have added my links as well.
    Thanks for hosting!

    1. Hi Karren,
      Welcome, I am so glad you stopped by! Thank you for the kind comments and for linking up. I hope you stop by again soon 🙂

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