Letter of the Week A-Z Series: E is for Eye

Surprise, a short weekend post for you! We have a simple and fun game to improve visual perception and letter E recognition. Find out how…


Surprise, a short weekend post for you! We have a simple and fun game to improve visual perception and letter E recognition. Find out how to set up your own Eye-Spy-Tray in our last post for the week–E is for Eye.

Here is a post I love by Left Brain Craft Brain if you want to learn more about visual perception.

E is for Eye
Tone up those visual skills with this fun hide-and-seek activity.

Objectives: Fine motor skills, Visual processing, Letter E recognition, Increasing attention span

Age Group: Preschool/ Tot School

Small toys and things to fill tray

Letter E’s (I cut out 10 letter E’s from magazines to use)
Other letters (optional)
Magnifying Glass (optional)
Tweezers (optional)

With hands on activities, it is always a good idea to let children explore the supplies presented to them before giving any instruction.


Tot School

1.  Fill tray with small toys and ask child to find them. Fill the tray with as little or as much as you want to decrease or increase the difficulty.

We used animal toys because we are working on learning the names of animals. If Mr. Tickles picked up one that wasn’t what we where looking for, we would name it and take it out of the tray. To add some more learning to this activity I would ask him questions about each animal like, “What does the animal say? Where does the animal live? What color is the animal?” 


1.  Fill tray with toys and sprinkle letter E’s in the tray making sure the letter is upright. Have child find the letter E’s.

Ms. Tiger loved using her magnifying glass. It helped keep her attention in the activity as well as being fun. 
Once she spotted an E, she used her tweezers to get it out of the tray for some fine motor skills practice. We would count them until she had found all 10 and then we would do the activity again. She loved this activity we kept doing it over and over again. 
I added a whole bunch of different letters to make the activity a little bit harder. When she found each letter she would name it, then place it in one of two piles; in a pile of random letters or in a pile of letter E’s.
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  1. What a fun little tray for the letter e. I have my eye on this 😉
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. Love this idea! My granddaughter is in pre-school, learning a new letter each week. I am going to have one of these games ready for her when she visits so she can show off what she's learned. Thanks!

    1. Hi J, I am so excited to hear it. I hope she loves he activity as much as my daughter does!

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