Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Craft for Kids + Free Template

Kids can make a CUTE paper handprint bouquet of flowers with the FREE craft template and EASY directions. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Spring,…


Kids can make a CUTE paper handprint bouquet of flowers with the FREE craft template and EASY directions. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Spring, Summer & KEEPSAKE Crafts!

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Get ready to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers with your child’s handprints and the FREE craft template. This easy craft can be made at home or in your classroom. Just follow the easy directions or watch the video tutorial, and make a keepsake craft for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Spring, or Summer. This craft is perfect to hang on the wall or turn into a card to give as a gift that Mom, Dad, or Grandma and Grandpa will enjoy for years to come. 

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Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Kids Craft and Free Template #mothersday #kidsactivity #papercraft #preschool

Make a Handprint Flower Bouquet Together

Have a crowd? Each child can make their own or you can make a group craft where each child can add a handprint flower to the bouquet. This would make a great gift to give to parents or make for your child’s teacher on teacher appreciation day.  

Sister and brother making a handprint flower craft together #kidsactivity #kidscraft #craft

To Template, or Not to Template

Can you make this craft without the template? Yes! I created a Flower Craft Template to keep things easy for you to download, print, and create in no time at all but if you want, you can always have your child draw their own flower stems and leaves. This will add to the creativity and personalization of this craft. You could also replace the stems with pipe cleaners, straws, or even draw them with green marker.  

Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Craft

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Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Kids Craft and Free Template #mothersday #kidsactivity #papercraft #preschool


Flower Craft Template or Draw Your Own


Glue or Glue Sticks

Craft Paper

  • White Paper (I like using white cardstock for any crafts we are going to paint or glue because it’s stronger paper and holds up to “kid crafting”.)
  • Green Paper
  • Paper for Hand and Arm (We used tan paper, but if you don’t have any you can always use white paper and let your kids color it.)
  • Background Paper (Any color)


Pencil or Pen

Craft Paint– Different colors of paint for each flower (I like using acrylic paint because it isn’t as watery, making brighter handprint and decreasing the chance of those little hands “slipping” across the paper.) 


For your convenience, you can watch our Video Tutorial to see how to make it. The directions are included with the template and can be printed for free. They are found towards the end of this post.


Decide how many flowers you want to make and make 1 handprint for each flower. We decided to make 3 flowers so we made 3 handprints. Cover your child’s hand with paint and gently press it on the paper. 

Tip: I like to place my hand on top of their hand to gently press down and make sure all the fingers touch the paper. It’s also a good idea to have a baby wipe or paper towel ready for your child to grab after they are done making their handprints to avoid paint getting on things you don’t want to be painted. 

Set the handprint(s) to the side to dry. 

Painted handprints for flower craft #kidscraft #preschool #handprint

Print the craft template out on green paper. Cut out the flower stems and leaves. Make one stem per flower. You can decide how many leaves to use. My crafty kid liked to cut out a lot of leaves and my other kiddo kept their leaves to a minimum. That’s what I love, each handprint flower bouquet turned out unique.  

Green paper stems and leaves for handprint flower craft. #kidscraft

On tan or white paper, use a pencil to trace your child’s arm and hand. We spread out our fingers a little bit so you can see each one. Follow your pencil line to cut out the arm and hand. 

Glue the arm and hand on your background paper a few inches from the bottom of the paper. 

Glue the flowers stems on the background paper. Place part of them in the paper hand so it looks like it is holding the flowers. 

Glue the flower leaves onto the background paper so it looks like they are attached to the flower stems. 

Making paper handprint flower bouquet. #kidscraft

Cut out around your child’s handprints. I like to “bubble cut” around the handprints by leaving an outline of white paper around the edges. 

Tip: Younger kids may need help with this step or you can draw around their handprints with pencil to make a line for them to follow as they cut. 

Tip: When cutting around the handprint you can cut off any extra paint blobs or fingers that may have been created when they were painted. 

Put glue on the back of the flower hand prints, and attach them to the tips of the stems to make the flower petals. This is the part when the handprint flower craft looks adorable!

Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Kids Craft and Free Template #mothersday #kidsactivity #papercraft #preschool


Handprint Bouquet of Flowers Kids Craft and Free Template #mothersday #kidsactivity #papercraft #preschool

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