Darling Bluebird Handprint Craft You’ll Want to Keep Forever

Use your kid’s handprints to easily paint a bird flying through the sky. They will be so excited to see their little hands transformed into…


Use your kid’s handprints to easily paint a bird flying through the sky. They will be so excited to see their little hands transformed into a work of art and you will want to keep it forever because it’s so sweet! We made our birds blue but you could always use any color you like…I think we might make a red cardinal next.

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My heart melts every time I look at our latest Handprint Craft hanging on the wall. I love how this craft requires both of their little hands to preserve them forever (I’m a total mush for anything that preserves their cuteness! 🙂 I know some people are reserved about doing handprint crafts because they are messy. I used to feel the same way but now my kids are total pros at doing them and it takes no time at all to get the perfect handprint. My hints are to load up their hand with plenty of paint, keep lots of paper towels close by, and start with one hand at a time washing in between prints to make sure paint doesn’t end up where it shouldn’t. I also discovered that paint washes off paint samples, so if you make a blob instead of a handprint you can try it again.

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Bluebird Handprint Craft

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Blue paint (I used acrylic paint to make sure the color was nice and bright)
Black pen
Craft paper (When we paint I like using nice thick Cardstock-affiliate link)

1.  Cover child’s hand with blue paint and have them make a handprint. Cover child’s second hand with paint and have them make a second print right next to the first print. The thumbs should be touching each other.

2.  Use a finger to drag three lines at the end of the fingertips for the tail feathers. Make a circle above the palm of the hands were the wrist would be to make the head of the bird.

3.  Once the paint dries use the black pen to draw eyes on the and your done-easy and so cute!

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Thanks for painting with us today! 
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  1. Awe! That really is adorable! I love handprint crafts! Thanks for linking up on Toddler Fun Friday!

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