Water Lily Art with Egg Carton Flowers for Kids

Kids can make water lily art following our EASY step-by-step directions inspired by Monet. They will love the 3D flowers!This post is sponsored by Eggland’s…


Kids can make water lily art following our EASY step-by-step directions inspired by Monet. They will love the 3D flowers!This post is sponsored by Eggland’s Best. All the directions and opinions are my own.

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Teach your kids how to make a water lily painting featuring pretty 3D water lily flowers created from upcycled Eggland’s Best egg cartons. The steps are easy and the results are perfect for your little artist. Your kiddos will have so much fun making this craft and can even learn some art history as they paint their own Claude Monet inspired impressionist painting.

Impressionist style paintings allow children creative freedom without putting pressure on them to paint realistic objects. Young children to adults can enjoy making this 3D art.

Little Tiger (age 10) needed no help at all, while Little Dragon (age 8) wanted assistance cutting out his egg carton flowers. My 2-year-old LOVED making his own painting while I cut out his flowers for him. When my children were done with their artwork it was fun to see the differences.

Doing artwork with children has many added benefits like practicing motor skills and hand-eye-coordination. It also allows them to learn how to make decisions, express their feelings, and has even been linked to increasing brain skills like concentration and attention span. Speaking of brain power, thanks to Eggland’s Best for inspiring this art project and sponsoring this post. Eggland’s Best eggs have more than double of vitamin B12 than ordinary eggs. Vitamin B12 is important for healthy protein metabolism, energy production, and cognitive, cardiovascular, and nervous system health. This is perfect for your family members, to aid in their success. See more of Eggland’s Best Inspired Crafts Here.

Water Lily Art with Egg Carton Flowers


  • Paint (We used acrylic paint for vibrant colors)



-Yellow, Pink, Purple, and/or-Red



  • Soft sponge (We used makeup sponges to blend paint)
  • Eggland’s Best egg carton (These work best because they are white and easy to cut for kids)
  • Q-Tips
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White paper (We used white cardstock because it’s thick and holds paint better)
  • Paint pallet


Start the painting by adding blue water to the paper to make the background. We used a light blue first, and then added the dark blue. We dipped our soft sponges in paint, and then brushed them around the paper.

Next, add some green leaves and lily pads to the painting by having them add splotches of green. Let them use different shades of green or add black or white to create depth, highlights, and shadows.

The next step is to add flowers to the painting. Add yellow, pink, purple, and red, to the paint pallet and have children dip a q-tip into the desired colors and dot them on their page. Before the paint dries, use a clean sponge or their finger to blend in the dots by gently patting them until they no longer look like a dot.

Have children take a look at their artwork and make any final changes like adding more water (blue), leaves (green), or flowers (yellow, pink, purple, or red).

Now for the flowers to top off their artwork. Use the scissors to cut the cups from the Eggland’s Best egg carton. Cut triangles into the tops of the cups to form flower petals.

Optional: Children can use the paint to color their flowers or they can glue parts of the egg carton into their flowers to give it layers. Both of my children thought of these ideas on their own. I love it when their creativity takes charge and they make an art project their own.

Glue the Eggland’s Best egg carton flowers to their painting. Let the glue dry and then you can hang it up to display.


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