Frozen Fractals Ice Art & Sensory Play Activity

I am so excited to share this activity because the kiddos loved it, I think it’s so pretty, and we love Disney’s Frozen! This activity is…

I am so excited to share this activity because the kiddos loved it, I think it’s so pretty, and we love Disney’s Frozen! This activity is so easy to set up, super fun to do, and beautiful to make! It could be classified under several different categories which always stumps me when trying to pick which board to Pin it onto on Pinterest. The coldness of the ice and the texture of the paint make it an awesome Sensory ActivityThe messiness of the activity and the fact that ice is cold makes it a great Outdoor Activity. The creativeness that the activity allows qualifies it as a wonderful Art Activity. Oh ya, and my kids actually ate their art when they where done so it could also be called a Snack (which means we could add taste to our sensory list).  So how about you decide where you think it belongs just as long as you keep reading because the directions are coming 🙂
I let them do whatever they wanted to with this activity. We do so many structured activities it was nice for them to have some creative freedom and fun! We started painting with Q-tips but the cotton started coming off. They ditched the Q-tips and started using their fingers instead.

Here they are enjoying their beautiful Frozen Fractals paintings…apparently fractals are yummy! 🙂

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This weekend we went to a Disney Princess party and Ms. Tiger got to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen. It was so cool! She didn’t even mind standing in line for a seriously long time, (Mr. Tickles ate 2 suckers while waiting). When it was finally our turn to take a picture with the princesses she actually smiled (instead of standing in awe). It was a great moment for both of us! In honor of our weekend adventure it is now time to share our Frozen Fractals Ice Painting activity.

Frozen Fractals Ice Art

Containers to freeze water in-(I used silicone muffin cups and small glass dishes)
Corn Syrup
Paint brushes
Food Coloring
Sprinkles (optional)
Small bowls for paint

1.  Fill containers with water but remember to leave room at the top because the water will expand when frozen. If you want, feel free to add some food coloring and sprinkles to your water (I’m sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this step).

We had some ice blocks that where frozen overnight and they worked the best. I made the muffin cup ice the same day and they would have lasted longer if they had been solid ice and not mushy in the middle. I even put a few ice cubes in the water when I was making them to try and freeze them faster.

2.  To make the paint, put 2-3 Tbs. of corn syrup in a bowl or muffin tin for as many colors of paint you want to make, then and add food coloring and stir.

3.  Give kids ice, paint, paint brushes and let them create! Isn’t it beautiful how the colors swirl together on top of the ice?

It was so hot outside and my kids where so messy that when we where done with the activity I sprayed them off with the hose before taking them inside. They didn’t mind at all!

I hope you enjoy your frozen fractals painting! You may also enjoy:

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    1. Thanks Jennifer, my kids too! I am pretty sure we are on track to have watched Frozen for 365 days straight…at least it feels that way 🙂 lol

    1. Thanks Ana 🙂 it's so true, I have yet to meet a kiddo who doesn't like Frozen.

  1. Ooh how lovely! We had fun with liquid watercolours and frozen ice bowls last year. It would be interesting to use corn syrup too. (Though I'd have to find an equivalent that's available here in the UK!)

    1. Hi Lucinda, thanks for visiting! Painting ice is always fun. I wonder of honey would work if you can't find any corn syrup because it is so similar in consistency.

  2. Painting and ice are always fun tools for play!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    1. Hi Jill, thanks so much for visiting from the Thoughtful Spot! I will be sure to visit again. Have a great weekend!

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