Paper Bag Turkey Craft and Template Kids Activity

Make a Paper Bag Turkey Craft with the template and directions. It can be filled with Thanksgiving treats, made at a classroom party, or turned…

Make a Paper Bag Turkey Craft with the template and directions. It can be filled with Thanksgiving treats, made at a classroom party, or turned into a Thanksgiving decoration.

Paper Bag Turkey craft is an easy Thanksgiving craft for kids to make with the step-by-step directions and the printable turkey template.

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It’s November and almost Thanksgiving, so get ready to gobble with a Turkey Paper Bag Craft! The instructions are easy, and the kids will have so much fun making their little turkey. 

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The template can be printed on brown and orange paper, or on white paper to be used like a coloring page that kids can later cut out and craft with. 

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

I chose to print our turkey template out on brown cardstock and then let my kids use tempera paint sticks to decorate their turkeys. I love the paint sticks because the colors show up nice and bright on colored paper and they are mess-free! You could also use markers, crayons, or craft paint. 

Kids making paper bag turkey craft

My kid’s liked giving the turkey feathers lots of colors and adding designs to the turkey’s tummy and wings. 

Note: The top portion of the turkey feathers (above the teardrop–see turkey template) is the only part that will be seen from the front of the turkey. Children do not need to decorate the bottom part.  

Turkey Paper Bag Craft

Since it’s made out of a brown paper lunch bag there are so many options of what to do with the craft when it’s done:

  • It can be turned into a puppet by gluing the head to the bottom of the bag and turning the pieces over 
  • Kids can fill their turkey with Thanksgiving goodies to give to someone they are thankful for.
  • The bag can be filled with stuffing so it stands on its own and used as a Thanksgiving decoration or table centerpiece. 

The craft template includes the turkey head, body, wings, feet, and tail feathers. The turkey head template has two options:

  • Turkey Head with eyes, beak, and wattle
  • Turkey Head without eyes, beak, or wattle 
    • This second option can be used with googly eyes or kids can draw the turkey’s eyes, giving it a look that’s all its own. They also get to cut out and glue the beak and waddle on.

Paper Bag Turkey Kids Craft and Template

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Turkey Paper Bag Craft Template Thanksgiving


  • Turkey Template and Directions
  • Paper Bag-Lunch Size (brown)
  • Brown Craft Paper
  • Orange Craft Paper
  • Coloring Craft Supplies
    • (Paint sticks, markers, crayons, pencils, or paint)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Optional: Filling for paper bag (Treats to give away, tissue paper, or other recycled material)


Printable Directions are Included with the Template Download.

Fill the paper bag with Thanksgiving treats or recycled stuffing. Puppet: Skip this step

Fold the top of the paper bag down. It will look like a folded rectangle. This will be the turkey’s head. Staple the corners of the rectangle down to secure the bag closed. Puppet: Skip this step.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Use your craft supplies (paint sticks, markers, crayons…) to decorate the turkey template.

Children can add patterns and designs to the feathers, tummy, and wings.

Optional: Children can decorate both sides of the turkey feathers template if the paper bag is going to be visible from the front and back.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Cut out the turkey template.

Glue the head to the top of the rectangle.

Puppet: The bottom of the paper bag has a folded flap. Place the bag on the table with the flap side up and the opening of the bag closest to you. Glue the head to the folded flap so it will move when children put their hand in the bag.

Glue the tummy to the front of the paper bag.

Glue the wings to the side of the tummy.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Glue the feet to the bottom of the paper bag.

Glue the feathers to the back of the paper bag. The turkey feathers need to be placed so the colors face the front and can be seen as you look at the turkey’s face.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft


Paper Bag Turkey Craft

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