Cute Free Printable Calendar for Home or School with Kids

If you are looking for a free calendar for your classroom or home then I have one for you! It comes with a calendar template…

If you are looking for a free calendar for your classroom or home then I have one for you! It comes with a calendar template and all the pieces needed (months, days of the week, years, seasons, days, and holidays) to assemble a cute and colorful calendar to enjoy all school year!
Interactive Calendar for Kids: Print and assemble to teach kids days of the week, months, years, and holidays. #homeschoom #preschool #kindergarten

For those of you who have a good eye- you will see that number 21 on my calendar was supposed to be pink to continue the color pattern. I have updated it for you so your calendar will be perfect!

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We are starting our first homeschool year and so I have been busy making printables and activities for us to do in the morning together after breakfast–like circle time–but we form more of a triangle :). Yes, we have been doing homeschool preschool but I feel like doing homeschool kindergarten makes our home education adventure official. We have reorganized our home and have a classroom set up and everything, I am a bit nervous and super excited! Hopefully you will join us on our journey–I foresee more activities and free printables in the near future–Yay!

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Free Printable Calendar for Kids

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Laminator and lamination sheets
Velcro or sticky tack (I used Square Velcro-affiliate link and cut them into 4 pieces).
Scissors, square paper punch, and/or paper cutter
1.  Print out the calendar. Laminate the calendar template. Cut out the calendar pieces, laminate them, and then cut them out again. I used a square paper punch to cut out all the squares and it went pretty fast.
2.  To assemble the calendar stick a piece of Velcro on each spot on the template using the Velcro adhesive. Make sure to use the same side of the Velcro (fuzzy side or prickly side). Then stick the opposite side of Velcro on each calendar piece.
3.  Stick Velcro on the template to connect the two pieces together. In the printable I added an extra calendar day row for the months that need extra rows.
Have fun setting up your calendar! All the pieces go on and off so kids can make up their own months or see if they can recreate the calendar for the current month. I love how my kiddos get to practice their numbers during calendar time.
This is what our calendar looks like right now. I am looking forward to switching it in September with the kids. I also made our weather chart, but I want to make a few adjustments before I share it here on our blog to make sure it is perfect.
Calendar and Weather Chart (click here to grab it too) .

This free calendar comes with 21 Holiday cards. For an updated calendar with 64 Holidays and Events and more years, please visit our store or purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Interactive Calendar for Kids: Print and assemble to teach kids days of the week, months, years, and holidays. #homeschoom #preschool #kindergarten


Clipart courtesy of Fonts by: Teaching Talking

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  1. Thank you so much for the free calendar printable. I’m excited to use with my 4 yo. I’m so glad I found your site. Keep safe!

  2. I am so grateful I found this with all that’s going on! I wish it had more years, but I can absolutely make it work. I’ve been using a chalkboard, but this will be much nicer. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for the calendar! My daughter has been asking about months and days and I think this will be perfect for her!

  4. Your site is so awesome! I love all the activities you have. Thank you for taking the time to post and share all of this with us!

  5. I love this calendar. I printed it for my homebound student. He loved it so much he begged me to let him keep it when our time was finished. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Colorful! Great size! Just what we needed! Thank you!

  7. We love the calendar! We just can’t find the link to download it! 🙁 This would be great for the preschooler I have so she knows the days she gets to spend with mom and the days she is with me. and helping out at the school. Thank you!

  8. I have downloaded the calendar spark program, but where do I get to what you have already created? I have clicked on every pic of it and everywhere it says FREE printable calendar

  9. Love this! Do you have a printout of the other icons that are the specific daily activities/holidays (such as Father’s Day, etc.)? Thanks.

    1. Hi Linsday, Thanks so much! All the icons are included in the download. I was hoping to add some more eventually but Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are included in the current set. They can be found on page 8 and 9. 🙂

  10. Thank you so much! I’ve looked everywhete for a calendar my daughter would enjoy. She has difficulty writing so something interactive isbest. She loves it❤

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks so much, I am thrilled to know your daughter loves it!

  11. Thank you! I have just downloaded it, and will get it set up for my FDC tomorrow! Is it possible to get an “Autumn” instead of “fall” please 🙂 Or can you share the font used so I can create Australian themed holidays as well. Thanks in advance!

  12. I have looked everywhere on your website and I can not find the free calendar printables. I was only able to download the weather 🙁

  13. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing. Your job is really neat and it’s completely adorable. I’m sure my students will love it!

  14. Great resource! My FLS kiddos love it! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much! You can click on the red hyperlink that says “School Calendar” to open it up in google drive. Then you can decide if you want to print or save it by moving your mouse to the top of the page and a little printer button or arrow should appear. I hope that helps, if not send me an e-mail and I can send you the link.

      1. Thank you, I knew it would be something obvious. It looks great

    1. Hi, I found them at Smiths Market Place Grocery Store in the school and craft section.

    1. Hi Emma, Thanks so much! My kiddos have loved sticking things on and taking things off–who knew a calendar could be so fun 🙂

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