FREE Printable Father’s Day Tie Card that’s EASY and CUTE for DAD!

Make a super CUTE and EASY Father’s Day card that says, “DAD, you are the mightiest,” and features a neck tie cut-out template. It’s perfect…


Make a super CUTE and EASY Father’s Day card that says, “DAD, you are the mightiest,” and features a neck tie cut-out template. It’s perfect for Dad!

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Father’s Day is right around the corner! Want to make a DIY card with your kids that’s easy and cute? Then this free printable Father’s Day card is perfect for you and your children of any age to surprise him with. He will LOVE the saying, “DAD, you are the mightiest,” featuring a cut-out tie template and the letters TIE highlighted in the word mightiest to bring it all together (or should I say, “tie it all together”–hehe).  

For a fast and not-messy craft time the template can be colored with markers, pencils, or crayons or if you want to extend craft time, have kids paint the craft template. Once it’s colored, kids cut out a few pieces and glue it to their card or wall art. The step-by-step instructions are included with the free template so everything is simple and easy for you. The nice thing about this card is young children can make it as well as older children. 

Father's Day Tie Card: Free Printable DIY card for Kids to make Dad. #fathersday #craft #kidscraft #card

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What does the free craft template include?

The template comes 2 letter D’s and a cut-out neck tie design to use as the letter A in the word DAD. Kids can decorate it just like daddy’s tie to make an adorable father’s day tie card. It also includes a foldable card template and a 1-page wall art template that can be hung on the wall.  

You Can Make This Craft 2 Different Ways

The Dad and Tie Father’s Day card can be made in different ways depending on the template you want to use. Download the templates below to choose which one you want to use. 

There is a Coloring Book Style Card or Wall Art that is the easiest to create. Just print the template and your kids will enjoy decorating it like a coloring page with pencils, markers, or crayons. There is no cutting or gluing needed for this style and lets younger kids be totally independent when making dad a card while also looking sophisticated enough that tweens and teens would enjoy making this printable card for dad to have a Happy Father’s Day too! 

My little preschooler, (Little Pup, age 3) was thrilled sitting by his older brother and sister as he made the same homemade card. 

The second option is a Cut and Paste Card or Wall Art template. This style lets kids get crafty with the printable tie and letter D templates to color, cut, and glue. This style is perfect for kids who want to get crafty! 

Kids making a homemade Father's Day Tie Card with the Free Template #kidscraft #craft #fathersday

Making a Card?

We recommend using cardstock because the paper is thicker and holds up to kid crafting. 

What if Dad has more than one kid?

Each child can make their own card or you can have your children color part of the Father’s Day card template to make it a group card.  

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FREE Printable Father’s Day Tie Card

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Father's Day Tie Card: Free Printable DIY card for Kids to make Dad. #fathersday #craft #kidscraft #card

Supplies Needed: 

Choose which Father’s Day Tie Card Template to use (Coloring Book Style or Cut and Paste Craft)

Colored Craft Paper

White Craft Paper

Coloring supplies like markers, pencils or crayons

Cut and Paste Craft will also require Scissors and Glue

How to Make a Dad Father’s Day Tie Card:

Print the D, D, and tie template on white paper and let kids decorate it with markers, crayons, pencils or other art supplies. 

Father's Day Tie Card: Free Printable DIY card for Kids to make Dad. #fathersday #craft #kidscraft #card

Print the foldable card template (half a page) or wall art template (whole page) on colored craft paper or colored cardstock.

Cut out the template pieces and glue them on the foldable card template or wall art template. 

Father's Day Tie Card: Free Printable DIY card for Kids to make Dad. #fathersday #craft #kidscraft #card

Now comes the best part, have your children write a special note for daddy inside the card. Words of love are gifts he can treasure forever. If your kiddo is too young to write, they can draw a picture and/or dictate the words that they want to say and have you write them on the card for them.


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