Apple Graph Math Activity and Printable

As part of our Apple Activities we have been learning to count, measure, weigh and graph. We came up with some surprising numbers and enjoyed…


As part of our Apple Activities we have been learning to count, measure, weigh and graph. We came up with some surprising numbers and enjoyed all the apple tasting. Come check out our results and download a copy of our free apple graph printable, so you can try this activity too.

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We read Up, Up. Up! It’s Apple-Picking Time (affiliate link) by Jody Fickes Shapiro to go along with this activity. It’s a sweet story about a family who goes on a visit to grandma and grandpas apple orchard. It talks about different types of apples, things to make with apples, and how they are sold to neighbors who love apples too.

Apple graph was one of my favorite activities I can remember doing when I was in school so I was so excited to try it with my kids. The printable graph has 3 columns sorted by color. I left the rows blank so you can write in what variables you want to measure. We measured each apples weight, circumference, number of seeds, taste, and which one was our favorite.

We looked at the apples and guessed the smallest apple would weigh the least and the largest apple would weigh the most. We used a small scale to weigh the apples. I rounded the numbers to the nearest half, and wrote our results down. I made a measuring tape with a ruler and thin strip of paper so the kids easily bend it around the apples. We wrapped it around the apple, rounded to the nearest half, and wrote our results down.

Before we cut into the apples we talked about which one was the largest and which one was the smallest by looking at them and comparing our numbers on our graph. We made a prediction that the smallest apple would have the least amount of seeds and the largest apple would have the most. We cut into the apples and started counting then looking at our results we noticed the smallest apple had the most seeds-15 to be exact! The kids kept saying, “That apple surprised us mommy.” It was so cute to watch their excitement.

Then came everyone’s favorite part, apple tasting time! We all decided we liked the red delicious apples the most because they were sweet and crisp compared to our granny smith and golden delicious apple.


Apple Graph Math Activity

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Apple graph (available for download at the end of this post)
Apples (red, green, yellow and small, medium, large)
Knife (for adult only)
Cutting board
Measuring tape

1.  Decide what variables you are going to measure, write them on the left side of the graph, then measure the apples, graph your results, and talk about your findings.




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  1. This looks like so much fun.. So much out of few apples. Can't wait to try it out with my daughter.

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