Glowing Sunset Tissue Paper Craft for Kids

When this sunset Tissue Paper Craft is hung in a window it magically seems to glow resembling the beauty of a real sunset on the…


When this sunset Tissue Paper Craft is hung in a window it magically seems to glow resembling the beauty of a real sunset on the horizon. No glue or scissor skills are required, so this craft is easy to clean up and perfect for kids of all ages!

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We made a Stained Glass Paper Plate Craft and Ocean Animal Coffee Filter Suncatcher that also look lovely hanging up on any window.

This post is part of a collection of tissue paper crafts created by the Kids Craft Stars. Don’t forget to check out all the tissue paper crafts listed at the bottom of this post. You can also follow the Kids Craft Stars on Pinterest and Instagram to make sure you catch all the kids’ crafts the whole team comes up with! Just in case you missed it, previous themes have been Ocean CraftsRecycled CD Crafts and Children’s Book Themed Crafts.

Stained Glass Tissue Paper Sunset Craft

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Tissue paper (affiliate link)
Clear contact paper (affiliate link)
Black Cardstock (affiliate link) or black craft paper
Scissors (for adult)

**In some of the pictures you will notice handprints instead of suns because I love any craft with my kiddos handprints, but because it didn’t look as sunny as I would have hoped, I switched to a sun cutout during the craft–you choose which one you like :).**


Make a frame by cutting out the inside of the black paper. Then cut a sun and clouds out of black paper. I used the leftover paper from the frame so I didn’t have to use a new piece of paper. Kids can help cut out the sun and clouds if they are able to use scissors.

2.  Cut out a piece of contact paper that is larger than the hole in the frame and attach it to the frame with tape. Stick the sun and clouds on the contact paper.


Give kids tissue paper and have them rip small pieces and stick to the contact paper. My kids loved this part When they are done decorating, trim any excess tissue paper off the edges and hang their artwork in a window. When the sun hits it the colors seem to melt together and glow!




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