Robot Themed Math Activity and Free Printable for Kids

Grab this FREE printable Robot Match Activity to teach kids math in a fun hands-on way using loose parts from the toolbox. Thank you for…


Grab this FREE printable Robot Match Activity to teach kids math in a fun hands-on way using loose parts from the toolbox.

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My kids love anything that comes from their dad’s toolbox so I thought it would be fun to use some things he wouldn’t miss like screws, washers, or bolts for a robot themed Math Activity (just don’t tell him, haha :). The free printable that goes along with this activity was designed for kids to play it with dice so learning to count and add feels like a game.

In this day in age, robots are popping up everywhere! So add this printable math activity to your robot themed fun and make a Robot Puppet Coloring Page and Robot Paper Sack Puppets too!

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Robot Math Activity

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As we played we pretended our robot was broken and needed new parts and we would install the parts on our robot.

Robot Math Printable (available to download at the end of this post)
Dice (1-6 or 1-10 I like this Dice Set by Learning Resources)
Clear Markers (affiliate link) or glass gems
Screws, washers or bolts (You will need 12 total for a 6 dice game and 20 total for a 10 dice game)

Counting Game

1.  Have the child roll dice and place the number of tools on the left side in the blue boxes. Have the child roll dice again and place the number of tools on the right side in the red boxes.
2.  Have the child place count and place each tool on the robot.

Addition Game

1.  Have the child roll dice, find and mark the number on the left side (blue) with a clear marker or glass gem. Have the child count out the number of tools and place them on the robot. Have the child roll dice again and repeat on the right side of the page (red).

In the pictures you will see clips on the side of the page instead of markers because I had originally thought clips would be fun but after realizing the clips were too hard to put on the page without moving the tools I scratched that idea and went for our glass gems and plastic markers.

2.  Have the child add the tools up that are on the robot and state the math sentence when they figured out the answer (“One plus two equals three”). Clear the board and repeat the activity.

I chose not to have Little Tiger write the numbers because she is still learning to write numbers and I wanted to her to concentrate on math and not get frustrated with trying to write. Eventually, when we do this activity I plan on adding number writing to the activity.

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Don’t see the box? CLICK HERE to be directed to the download.


  1. This is awesome! I love how you used nuts and bolts! Can't wait to print this out and play with my preschooler.

  2. Your educational printables are so fun and cute! Love how you used nuts and bolts as manipulatives!

  3. Oh, I love how you combined math learning with fixing the broken robot…fun!

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