Rainbow Ribbon Run! Gross Motor Play for Kids

Get the kids moving with this fun gross motor play activity. All you need is a handful of ribbons and kids with energy. Thank you…


Get the kids moving with this fun gross motor play activity. All you need is a handful of ribbons and kids with energy.

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Running with a colorful ribbon trailing behind them is sure to delight any kid! It’s an easy way to get wiggles out, get outside, and play! My kids were running like crazy and I even slipped in some color learning for my little toddler during our latest favorite outdoor activity.

Why is Gross Motor Play Good for Kids?

Gross motor play involves making large movements with our body. Kids benefit from these large movements to learn coordination, balance, and strength. Other activities to encourage these large movements are Polka Dot Jumping Game and Animal Tag Game.  


Rainbow Ribbon Run


Different ribbons that are solid color cut into approx. 3 ft. pieces


Lay the ribbons out across from child, assign each child a color, then have them race to grab their ribbon and return to their starting point.

Assigning colors is a fun way to practice colors and make sure everyone gets a ribbon. Sometimes I assigned the kids more than one color so they could run with more ribbons for double the fun :). If you have lots of kids you could have them do a relay race with one runner at a time until all the ribbons have been collected.

While we had ribbons in our hands we also spun around in circles and moved our arms in circles across our body for some good cross lateral movement to help with healthy brain development. We also have some low branches on our trees, so I hung our ribbons up so the kids could jump up and grab them. Check out their picture, my daughter was dressed for hot weather and my son was dressed for cool weather which we experienced all in the same day…got to love spring, lol :).


Have a great day!

Love, Katie & the Kiddos


  1. This is such a fun way to learn colors and gross motor skills! Thanks for linking up at "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday link party. You have been featured at Mama's Happy Hive Blog! 🙂

  2. That looks like fun! I love when active play can be mixed in with some learning too!

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