Parent Tips for Staying Sane: How to Select Toys for Kids to Travel With

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Whether you are going on a plane ride across an ocean, a train ride across the state,  a car ride to the doctors, or a walk to grandma’s house you are going to want to bring toys with you to make the trip and the destination enjoyable. Select the right kind of toys to avoid hearing the, “Are we there yet?”  question over and over again. 

How to Select Toys for Kids to Travel With

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Toys allow for open ended play-The toys should invite children to move them around, create, and imagine. The goal is to bring a toy that has more than one trick, so kids don’t get bored and time feels like it is flying by.
Kids can play independently-Don’t bring a toy that requires lots of hands on help from mom or dad. Most likely you will be busy, so keep toys geared for your child’s age and skill level.
Kids can play with others-When a friend shows up, toys that can be enjoyed together are a fun way for kids to socialize.
Toy fits the location-Think about your travel arrangements and destination and bring toys that fit the situation. Bringing along a toy that is too loud,or too large to play with is not helpful.
Easy to clean up-When it is time to go, you want something that can quickly be cleaned up-nothing that requires a specific way to be put back together.

Why We Love Traveling with LEGO® JUNIORS 

We are so excited to share with you how much fun we have had with our LEGO® JUNIORS sets that have already gone on lots of adventures with us. The kids call them their “cases” (because they like to pretend they are suitcases) and love bringing them wherever we go. They simply open their cases and start playing. 

They make up adorable stories like buying groceries for a party, being a firefighter and putting out fires, capturing bad guys, and eating yummy ice cream treats. My favorite is when they play together and combine their stories like, “The ice cream store in on fire and the fire fighter has to rescue the princess and her kitty…” They kits come with lots of fun accessories that add to each story line and they both have two LEGO characters to play with so they can share with a friend.

LEGO® JUNIORS is designed to give children age 4-7 a great first building experience with the LEGO brick through iconic, fun and easy to build models. The supply list and step-by-step building pictures make it easy for kids to build each model. Little Tiger was able to find the pieces and help build her store. The pictures make building like a “figure out what is different” activity by adding on to each picture.

The cases are nice and compact as well as being durable even when dropped (we know this by experience). They have lots of compartments inside that make it easy to toss all the parts in, close the case, and go. I was nervous that we would lose parts along the way, but the kids are really good about keeping them in their play area that our kits are still complete. 

After watching my kids play, I think the LEGO® Juniors Suitcases are wonderful because they make traveling and cleanup a breeze and since LEGOS provide open ended creative play, kids never get bored playing with them over and over again! Definitely a great buy for play on-the-go!
 Message From LEGO® JUNIORS

  • LEGO® JUNIORS is designed to provide just the right amount of challenge and creative play for young children. Quick start pieces and numbered pre-packed bags enable the sets to be built without the help from Mom or Dad— which makes any small builder extra proud!
  • Don’t leave home without it, the LEGO® JUNIORS Suitcase is the perfect travel companion to keep your youngster entertained this summer. Filled with an assortment of LEGO bricks and exciting role play components the suitcase is extremely portable— opening up a world of play possibilities anywhere you go!

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