Marbled Jello Jigglers and Swirls

Description:  Quickly add a little pretty to plain Jell-O.  I love it because you don’t have to play the layer game which takes hours of…


Quickly add a little pretty to plain Jell-O.  I love it because you don’t have to play the layer game which takes hours of pouring and waiting… If you know me, you know I like quick results.  Just add sweetened condensed milk which makes the base taste like a Jell-O creamsicle.  Adults and kids can both enjoy! 
I come from a family of Jell-O, and I have never seen anyone do this before so save this idea, and be the first of your friends and family to try it out
Kids can join in the making of this.  My daughter loved to help stir and swirl.
1 Small box of lightly colored Jell-O (or Gelatin Dessert)
1 C. Hot Water
¾ C Sweetened Condensed Milk
Food coloring
1 C. Hot Water
1.  Mix Jell-O with the hot water until it is all dissolved. 
2.  Measure ¼ C. of the Jell-O mixture and reserve for later.
3.  Pour the sweetened condensed milk into your main Jell-O bowl, stir until well mixed, then pour into a dish.
4.  Take the reserved Jello-O and add food coloring until you get your desired color.  You will want the color to be darker than the Jell-O in the pan so that it stands out when marbled.
5.  Drizzle the color on top of the pan of Jell-O and swirl with a knife or fork until you get the desired design.  (I didn’t end up using all of the Jell-O I had reserved).
6.  Put the Jell-O in the fridge until it is set up (I let mine set 2 hours), then use cookie cutters to cut out your jigglers.  That’s it!!! 
If you are using a large box of Jell-O use the following:
2 C. Hot Water
1 ½ C. Sweetened Condensed Milk
 2 C. Hot Water

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    1. Hi Jennifer, I haven't tried it without the milk so I am not positive if it would work without it. I think it would though and I would love to know how it works out 🙂

  1. I love making Jigglers, but this is a little different! I'll have to try it for the fourth. I found you through SITS, and am pinning this!

    1. Hi Tammy, thanks for the visit and pinning! Have a Happy fourth, your jello is going to look awesome!

  2. Hi Katie!
    I'm visiting from the SITs girls link up 😉 I really like this idea, it's easy and fun, my nephews would love it and me and my husband too!

    1. Hi Elba,
      I'm so glad you like it and you are so right, it's easy and great for all ages! I hope you visit again and have a great weekend!

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