Magic Glow Stick Game-A Fine Motor Skills Activity

Pretty much any activity that includes a glow stick is a guaranteed winner with my kiddos. Here is our first Fine Motor Skills activity that I designed…

Pretty much any activity that includes a glow stick is a guaranteed winner with my kiddos. Here is our first Fine Motor Skills activity that I designed with little hands in mind. Both of my kids (toddler and preschooler) where able to benefit from this activity. On top of fine motor skills, this activity allowed them to work on concentration, patience, and problem solving skills. Pretty cool right? It’s inexpensive to make because the glow sticks can be purchased for $1.00 (I found some in the Target dollar bins or at craft stores like Hobby Lobby), the bottle is recycled, and straws are cheap. So what are you waiting for…let’s get to the directions. 🙂

Empty and clean 2 liter bottle
5 Straws (I used 2 different sizes but you don’t have to)
Tape (preferably clear)
Scissors and or knife
Skinny glow sticks or pipe cleaners if you don’t have glow sticks (I used the bracelet sized glow sticks)

1.  Cut 5 holes in the bottle that are large enough for a straw to fit through. Then cut 5 more holes that are facing the opposite side of the bottle. Stick a straw through 2 holes in the bottle and securely tape them in place. I liked to have the end of the straw angled down toward the floor so the glow stick can fall out. 

I used blue tape on our bottle but I suggest clear tape because Mr. Tickles was pretty fascinated with the blue tape and started pulling it off (*sigh*). 

Not a pretty hole, but it worked fine.
I collect straws…doesn’t everybody? 🙂 If you have bendy straws, cut off the
bendy part before you tape it to the bottle so the glow sticks can fit through it. 

Your Magic Glow Stick Game is ready.

2.  Crack the glow sticks so they glow and show your kiddo how to put it in the straw. Watch their face for fascination and excitement as the glow sticks disappear in one end and reappear again at the end…
“Ta Da!” 

Now let kiddos have the glow sticks and encourage them to play along. You may need to let them free play with the glow sticks a bit before they are ready to concentrate on the game. 

We played in a medium lit room so the kids could see the straws
and the glow sticks could be seen glowing.

I showed Mr. Tickles (age 1.5) how to hold the glow sticks in one hand and hold onto the bottle with the other hand. Sometimes he got a bit frustrated so I adjusted the bottle or held it for him, but mostly he did it all on his own. 

I have our Magic Glow Stick bottle sitting out where Mr. Tickles can get it
and he will go and play with it by himself now even with glow sticks that aren’t glowing. Way to go kiddo,
tone up those fine motor skills! 

Ms. Tiger (age 3.5) also enjoyed this activity. We matched the colors of the glow sticks with the color of the straws. 

Here you can see the glow sticks glowing and Ms. Tiger working away
at sliding her glow sticks through the straws. 
Make your Magic Glow Stick bottle and watch your kids have tons of fun. I encourage you to make up games, take turns together, or have a race to see who can get all their glow sticks in the fastest. It’s all fun and games with some great skills learned along the way. You can store glow sticks in the freezer to prolong their life in between uses

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Have a great day! 

Love, Katie & the Kiddos