Letter of the Week A-Z Series: G is for Giraffe

It’s all about the letter G today. We have Giraffe Games and activities that will make you Giggle :). At the end of this post…


It’s all about the letter G today. We have Giraffe Games and activities that will make you Giggle :). At the end of this post the Click & Chat Link Up Party is also begun for another week of blogging fun. Thanks for joining in, let’s get started.

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Letter G Sight Words
Free Printable: Letter G Sight Words 

Ideas for printable:

  • Place word and matching picture out when doing an activity that matches the word
  • Color the cards
  • Read the word together and match the word with the picture
  • Point and name the letters on the card
  • Write the letter of the week on each card
  • Write the word on each card

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G is for Giraffe

Suggested Book: Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Suggested SongGiraffes Can’t Dance story put to song (You Tube video by Vancemo)

G is for Giraffe Craft
Make a cute letter G giraffe craft.
Free Printable: G is for Giraffe Craft
Objectives: Letter recognition, fine motor skills
Age Group:Preschool
Brown Paper
Yellow paper or yellow crayons or markers
1.  You can print out the printable on yellow paper, or on white paper and then color it yellow. We chose the latter, and I was a bit sad the printer ink ran when we used marker to color the giraffe.
2.  Cut out the printable and cut out brown spots.
3.  Glue the giraffe head onto the letter G, and glue the spots on the giraffe.

Giraffe Spots
Numbers and Counting Game and free printable
Free Printable: Giraffe Spots Activity
Objectives: Number recognition, Counting, Fine motor skills
Age Group: Preschool/Tot School
Toy numbers 1-10 (Or cut up the counting mat)
Lamination supplies (Optional)
To prepare, cut the giraffe card and spots out. I glued ours to old file folders, then laminated them to help them stay nice while we use them.
1.  Give child numbers 1-10 and have them select one, and place it on the matching number on their counting mat.
2.  Starting at the number 1, have child place a spot on each number until they reach the toy number.
3.  Finally place the spots on the giraffe.

We counted while we put the numbers on the counting mat, and as we put them on the giraffe. I loved how she was able to independently learn how to recognize numbers by counting up to each one while looking at it on the mat. I was able to work with Mr. Tickles, while she continued to play and learn next to us.

Tot School
1.  Give child numbers 1-10 and have them select one.
2.  Count the number of spots that matches the number.

3.  Have child place spots on the giraffe. I gave him the giraffe with the pre-printed spots on it so he could work on his fine motor skills while placing the spots on the right spot. He kept thinking the spots should stick like stickers. If I would have thought of it, I would have put a little bit of poster tack on each spot to satisfy his need for them to stick.
The happy face of a toddler learning 🙂

I hope you enjoy our giraffe activities and printables. Please pin, and share with your friends so they can join in the fun too! 🙂

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  1. What cute activities for G!
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~Cathy Mini~

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks so much for visiting! It's such a great party, I will be sure to stop by again 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful idea, my little lady would have a lot of fun with this. She's really getting into letters and numbers recently.

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    1. Hi Carolin, Thanks so much, I am excited to hear it and have you stop in for a visit! Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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