Letter of the Week A-Z Series: H is for House

It’s a new week, and we are starting our letter H is for House activities with a free pattern, letter H sight words, and the…


It’s a new week, and we are starting our letter H is for House activities with a free pattern, letter H sight words, and the Click and Chat Link Up Party. I am so glad you are here to learn and play with us today, let’s get started having some fun building houses:)

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Letter H Sight Words
Free Printable: Letter H Sight Words 

Ideas for printable:

  • Place word and matching picture out when doing an activity that matches the word
  • Color the cards
  • Read the word together and match the word with the picture
  • Point and name the letters on the card
  • Write the letter of the week on each card
  • Write the word on each card

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H is for House

Suggested Books:
The House Book by Keith DuQuette

The Napping House by Audrey Wood

H is for House Craft

Free Printable: H is for House Craft
Objectives: Letter H recognition, Creativity, Fine motor skills
Age Group: Preschool
Craft paper
Markers or stickers to decorate house
1.  Cut out the house pieces. Ms. Tiger always loves this part!
2.  Glue the letter H together using the rectangular pieces.
3.  Glue the roof and door knob on, and decorate your house with stickers . 

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Build a House Challenge
Challenge your kiddo to build a house, and see what they come up with. Playing with blocks is so beneficial for young kids!

Objectives:  Concentration, Fine Motor Skills, Spacial Skills, Engineering
Age Group: Preschool/ Tot School
Legos or blocks (We used Mega Bloks First Builders because they are easy enough for my little guy to build independently and avoid frustration).
1.  Let child build and create their own house.
Ms. Tiger built a huge palace. I asked her to describe her house to me and it was complete with a bedroom for each of us, walls to keep mean people away, and beds for resting.

Mr. Tickles built lots of different houses. He loved this activity, and I loved watching him in the zone. He methodically built, deconstructed, and built again.

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Paper House
Make your own house, great for pretend play.

Objectives: Creativity, Fine motor skills, Imaginative play
Age Group: Preschool/ Tot School
Small cartons that are cleaned and dried (We used two small milk cartons and a large orange juice carton)
Craft paper
1.  Wrap the carton with paper and secure with tape and glue to make a clean canvas ready for decorating. The milk cartons shape works great for a house. I pinched the top with a chip clip while the glue dried to make sure the top came to a point like a roof.

2.  Let kids decorate their house with paper, glue and markers. We used pieces of paint samples but they curled a bit when dried, so I recommend craft paper.

Mr. Tickles loved adding paper to his house. I was proud he sat for so long during craft time. Once his house was all decorated he started pulling all the decorations off *sigh* :). That is when I took his house away and gave him a piece of paper to continue crafting with.

Ms. Tiger was very technical decorating her house, making sure to add doors, windows, roof, and even a garage. I was very impressed with what she came up with.

When the houses are dry, add some little toys for some fun imaginative play. We took ours outside to play with in the grass. 
More H is for House Ideas:
House Plan Play Mat by Mama Smiles
Toilet Roll Fairy House by Red Ted Art

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  1. This is such a great unit! We plan on doing project based learning for our little one and houses are on the list. Thanks for the great ideas !

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