Letter of the Week A-Z Series: A is for Animals & Airplanes

Hi friends, I can’t believe our first letter, of our Letter of the Week series is over. Today we are finishing up the letter A…


Hi friends,

I can’t believe our first letter, of our Letter of the Week series is over. Today we are finishing up the letter A with two fun activities and a free printable. Both activities are simple to setup and my kids loved them both.

Hopefully you have been inspired this week. We will be on vacation next week and will continue our alphabet adventure when we return the second week of September. “B” excited, because I know we are! Now onto the fun for today. 

A is for Animal
This activity is fun and simple. It’s a great way to make the letter A without the pressure of handwriting.  
Suggested Book: Alligator Alphabet by Stella Blackstone and Stephanie Bauer

Suggested SongOld MacDonald had a Farm (You Tube video by Oh My Genius)

Objectives: Letter A recognition

Age Group: Preschool/Tot school

Small animal toys
Large paper
1.  Write a big A on the paper.
2.  Have child name animals then place them on the A. Tot school may want to forget the A, and just name and place animals.
3.  Remove animals and have child trace the A (optional) then place the animals on top again.

Tot School: Have child name animals and arrange them on the table as they please. Ask them questions and discus the animals:

  • What does the ____ say?
  • What color is the ____?
  • Where does the ____ live?
We used a white foam board, a piece of plexiglass, and dry erase markers for this activity.

A is for Airplane
A fun activity to create, play, and learn. This turned into a fun family activity because my husband joined in the fun. In no time he had made 5 paper airplanes and we where throwing them around the house. 

Free PrintableLetter A Airplane Race
Suggested Book: Pilot Pups by Michelle Meadows
“Rolling faster lift up high soaring, roaring to the sky.”
Objectives: Gross motor play, introduction to graphing, practice directional words, closest and farthest
Age Group: Preschool/Tot School
Tape (optional)

1.  Decorate paper and then fold into a paper airplane. Here are some patterns-Airplane-A, Airplane-B, Airplane-C, Airplane-D, Airplane-E to get you started.
My husband made some by pattern which flew really good. The kids and I also designed our own which where not very aerodynamic, but they where still fun to make. 
2.  Number the airplanes with a marker.
3.  Throw airplanes and talk about what direction they took-up, down, right, left, spiral, curved, dived…
4.  After everyone knows how to throw their airplane, throw them all together, then pick up the closest one and graph it on the Airplane Race graph.

Mr. Tickles was not impressed with the graphing and went down for a nap during this part of the activity. As far as tot schooling goes my goals for him had been met. Ms. Tiger and I continued to play and learn. 

5.  Pick up the farthest airplane and graph it on the Airplane Race graph. 

This proved to be a bit difficult for Ms. Tiger because once we had the closest one, the rest where all the farthest. We decided to hold hands and walk to the farthest airplane, making sure to point to the airplanes on the floor as we passed them on our way to the farthest one. I wasn’t exactly sure she was grasping the concept, but today she told me she was the farthest away from me and that “brother” was the closest, who was sitting on my lap. I was so proud of her!

Now it’s your turn to share: What other Letter A activities have you done?

Have a great weekend!!! 

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