How the Grinch Stole Christmas Printable Card

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is an adorable book with a wonderful lesson; Christmas joy comes from love and not monetary items. As my daughter…


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is an adorable book with a wonderful lesson; Christmas joy comes from love and not monetary items. As my daughter gets older (she is going to be 4 this month), I want her to start thinking about love and gratitude, and not just what she wants from Santa (which seems to be every toy she sees a commercial for).

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Our printable card is designed to send a heartfelt Christmas message while getting kiddos (or any Grinch fan), to share why they love the card recipient. So sweet right!?! Here is what the card says:

Front of card:

“Merry Christmas!

Who is this card for? The person who means a lot more then packages, boxes, & bags bought from a store…”

Inside card:

“…Why it’s you of course! 

I hope this card brings you Christmas cheer, as I share with you reasons why my heart grew 3 sizes this year!” 

Cotton balls
Small green envelope (optional-or a white envelope with green paper glued to it)

Directions for card assembly:
1.  Print the card out and cut out the inside of the heart to make a peek-a-boo card. Another option would be to leave the heart as is, and use markers to color it.

2.  Use the heart cutout from step 1 as a template and trace the heart on some clear plastic like cellophane or a bag. Then draw a Grinch face, and cut out the heart. If you don’t want to draw his face on your own, you can trace it from the book or a photo online.
3.  Tape the plastic heart to the inside of the card.

4.  Stretch out a cotton ball and glue it around the heart

 5.  Cut out hearts, and write down why you or your kiddos love and appreciate the card recipient.  This is the best part! If your kiddo is having a hard time thinking of ideas, ask questions like What is your favorite thing to do with _____? What do you miss about _____? Why are you thankful for ____? You could also skip the heart part, and write the reasons on the card. 

6.  Place the hearts in an envelope and glue the front side of the envelope to the card, so the opening flap of the envelop is up.

Download your card here:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Card
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Card Plural  
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