Floating HEART Sensory Bottle: Valentine’s Activity your Kids will LOVE

Learn how to make a floating heart sensory bottle for kids to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Your kiddo is sure to love a sensory bottle…


Learn how to make a floating heart sensory bottle for kids to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Your kiddo is sure to love a sensory bottle that’s full of hearts for Valentine’s Day. As they shake the sensory bottle (a.k.a. calm down jar) their eyes will light up as they watch hearts and glitter swirl around. It’s like a “love spell” in a bottle and I have all the ingredients and directions so you can do this activity. It’s so easy, the kids can even do it on their own.

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Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity

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My kids had so much fun making their own Valentine’s sensory bottle. Apparently, no two sensory bottles turn out the same even when they are filled with the same thing. So feel free to make more than one bottle, your kids will love them and it may even help them calm down after eating all their Valentine’s candy. 

Sensory bottles are perfect for your fidgety kid. Check out more info here on what is a fidget toy.

Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity


How to Slow Down the Objects in the Sensory Bottle

You can add a little bit of clear hair gel to your sensory bottle (the cheap kind) to make the contents in the sensory bottle move slower. This is good if the items you are putting in are a bit heavy like buttons or small solid plastic objects. The gel will increase the viscosity so the items will sink slowly to the bottom allowing them to swirl and sink slowly. 

Mix water and hair gel in a bowl, then place one of the objects in the water mixture to watch it sink. Adjust the amount of water and hair gel until you get the sinking speed you are looking for.  

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Floating Heart Sensory Bottle Valentine’s Activity

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Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity


Small Objects with a Valentine Theme:

  • Plastic hearts (These will sink)
  • Foam hearts (These will float)
  • Heart Confetti
  • Fine Glitter
  • Heart Buttons
  • Pom Poms



Plastic Bottle with Lid (Voss Plastic Water Bottles are my favorite because they are made not to leak and have a wide mouth that makes it easier to put things inside)

Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity


  • Clear hair gel
  • Food coloring
  • Hot Glue
  • Washi tape or duct tape


Place the hearts in the jar.

Put glitter in the jar.

Optional: Mix water and clear hair gel together in a bowl.

Fill the bottle with water (or the water hair gel mixture). Try to fill the jar to the top so there isn’t a big air bubble.

Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity

Add food coloring.


Tip: If you are afraid your sensory bottle will be opened you can use super glue to secure the lid closed or add tape around the lid so that it can’t be twisted and opened.

Once the bottle is made, kids can shake them, roll them, and swirl them, to make the hearts and glitter move around the Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle.

Heart Valentines Sensory Bottle Kids Activity

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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