Glowing Ninja Stars and Glowing Flowers

Welcome to our Fabulous Friday post!Thank you for visiting. This post may contain affiliate links to recommended products at no extra cost to you. Read…


Welcome to our Fabulous Friday post!

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We quickly made these fun Glowing Ninja Stars and Glowing Flowers to play with using pool noodles and glow sticks, and now you can too :). My kiddos loved spinning around and dancing with them, throwing them through the air, or playing with them on the water. Because they are made out of pool noodles, our Glowing Ninja Stars and Glowing Flowers float (cool!). We put them in the tub for bath time and they also work great in a water table or pool. They are super easy to make with only 2 directions, so you can make them yourself or have the kiddos help. Ms. Tiger loved being able to make her own all by herself.

I imagine these will be great while waiting for the upcoming 4th of July fireworks show. Just pull these puppies out to keep the kiddos entertained as you wait in the dark for the show to start (which always seems to take forever!). What kid can resist glow sticks…just like a moth to a flame. 🙂  Here is how to make them:

Pool Noodle
3 Glow stick bracelets per star or flower
Duct tape (optional)
Serrated knife

I bought our pool noodles for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree and our glow sticks I picked up at Target in the dollar bins for $1.00, so this is a seriously cheap way to entertain and have fun!


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1.  Cut the pool noodle into 3 inch thick circular pieces with your serrated knife.

2.  Poke the glow sticks into the center of the pool noodle and out the other side and your done! Ta Da -so easy!

I was impressed that Ms. Tiger (age 3) was able to poke the glow sticks in all by herself.

I put duct tape as an optional supply because you may want to duck tape the glow sticks in place. Ours stayed in place just fine when we where throwing them around, but I was thinking bigger kids may be a bit tougher on them.

Here is my little princess with her Glowing Flowers and my little guy with his Glowing Ninja
Stars swinging them around like crazy and laughing non stop. They were having some serious fun!
Bring your Glowing Ninja Stars & Glowing Flowers in the tub for fun during bath time or drop them in the pool for a fun night swim. The kiddos had fun pushing the stars to the bottom of the water and watching them float to the top and watching them spin around on top of the water.

When you turn the lights back on, pop your Glowing Ninja Stars & Glowing Flower in the freezer so you can reuse them again. When frozen they stay good for a while in between uses.

We hope you have a Bright Time playing with your Glowing Ninja Stars & Glowing Flowers!


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Thanks for visiting, Love-Katie & the Kiddos


  1. My daughter would love…no really love this! Thanks for the great idea – I'm definitely a new follower 🙂

    1. Hi Tiffany, I am so thrilled to meet you and have you join us! We are going to try really hard to come up with more things your daughter is going to LOVE! 🙂

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