Book Poster Wall Decal: Kids Room Decoration

I’m pretty sure all children look at walls as large blank canvases that need decorating. Our whole house is all the same color starting at…


I’m pretty sure all children look at walls as large blank canvases that need decorating. Our whole house is all the same color starting at the bottom of the walls and traveling across the ceiling–light boring brown. To my little artist her room is missing colors, rainbows, butterflies, cupcakes, stars, and all things bright and cheery so when we hung up her Erasable Frames Wall Decal she was more than excited to start decorating and we found the perfect inspiration from pages in her favorite books!

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Erasable Frames Wall Decal 1


(We received our Erasable Frames Wall Decal that we used for this activity free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are completely my own.)

Read and Color

Decorating Kids Room with Erasable Frames Wall Decal_A Little Pinch of Perfect copy

To do this activity have the child select a favorite page or character from the book and draw it on the wall decal. Other fun ideas would be to have them imagine and draw what might happen after the story ended or to draw a picture with them in the story.


One of the great things about making book posters is that it encourages more reading! When we see a picture it reminds us of our favorite books for an impromptu story time, or in order to add a picture to our wall we need to read another book.

Erasable Frames Wall Decal 4

Our family tradition has always been to read together on my daughters bed which is large enough the whole family can cuddle comfortably on. After we read my daughter likes to color a picture from the book right on her erasable wall decal which is full of lots of cute and silly frames for her to use–good thing because we read a lot of books! Sometimes she will draw something on her own and other times she will ask me to draw an outline and she will color it in. It’s wonderful for her imagination and a fun way to remember her favorite stories kind of like hanging up a poster except she gets the joy of creating it herself. Don’t tell her, but in the future I plan on having her use the Erasable Frames Wall Decal to draw stories of her own like a comic book–it’s going to be so cool!

Erasable Frames Wall Decal 3

Erasable Frames Wall Decal 5

After she is done drawing with wet erase markers (like chalk markers or washable markers), the decal comes clean with water and a towel and is ready for another artistic endeavor. She loves being able to decorate it over and over again and I love peeking in her room and watching her thoughtfully creating artwork on the wall. I have to mention here that I’m sure every kid wants to draw on the wall, but without the decal their artwork will not be erasable and I know this from experience–eek :).

Erasable Frames Wall Decal 2


Erasable Frames Wall Decal

The decal is large (3 feet x 2 feet) with 14 cute and silly frames on it to color in. It can be stuck directly to the wall like a sticker or hung up with removable sticky pads.  You can learn more about the Erasable Frames Wall Decal at the Plaeful websiteWhat will your child choose to draw first on their wall? It doesn’t have to be book related, if you look at the frames they inspire creativity all on their own. One of our favorite things to draw is something inside the big monster mouth :).

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