Dragon Handprint Chinese New Year Craft for Kids

Make a dragon handprint craft with your kids to celebrate Chinese New Year by following our easy step-by-step directions. Thank you for visiting. This post…


Make a dragon handprint craft with your kids to celebrate Chinese New Year by following our easy step-by-step directions.

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Did you know there is a day set aside for appreciating dragons?  (I didn’t either until now.) It’s on January 16th and I’m pretty excited because my son was born during the year of the dragon (which is why I call him my Little Dragon) and I have always thought Chinese dragons were so beautiful. In case you are busy on the 16th you can always make this craft with your kids during Chinese New Year or while learning about China. It’s an easy Handprint Craft with your kids.

What to Do on Chinese New Year

After reading together and before we sat down at the craft table we watched some Chinese New Year celebrations on YouTube for the kids to see traditional dragon and lion dances as well as we found China on our Wall Map for Kids (affiliate link) (We just got this map and the US map and can’t wait to use it more). The kids noticed that China is very large and has pandas which they love–particularly little Dragon who has 3 stuffed animal pandas he used to cuddle with at bedtime–awww :). Make these Chinese Zodiac Animal Bookmarks too, they look so cute handing out in your books!  

Suggested Chinese New Year Books for Kids

Dragon Handprint Chinese New Year Craft


  • Craft paint (Suggested colors: red, gold, yellow)
  • Sequins or glitter
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft paper (I like using Cardstock-affiliate link for handprint crafts because the paper is thick and holds the paint better)


 Cover your child’s forearm with paint and have them make an arm print across the paper.

 Cover your child’s hand and have them make a handprint at the end of their arm print and set aside to dry.

 Let your kiddo decorate their dragon.

I opened the book we read and let the kids look at the pictures as they decorated their dragons. Little Dragon didn’t last long at the craft table but he did manage to tell me what parts to draw on his dragon (ears, feet, scales) and place his sequins where he thought they should go. Little Tiger didn’t want to stop decorating her dragon. She sat at the table for a long time planning how she wanted it to look, drawing designs (I love her scales), and figuring out where to add some sparkle.  

The kids want to make some rice to add to our Chinese New Year celebrations–yummy!

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Have a great day! 

Love, Katie & the Kiddos   


    1. Hi Denise, Thanks so much! We certainly had fun painting and decorating while learning about such a fun holiday.

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