Adorable Doughnut Craft for Kids

Make a batch of puffy paint to frost and make a CUTE and EASY doughnut craft with your kids.Thank you for visiting. This post may…


Make a batch of puffy paint to frost and make a CUTE and EASY doughnut craft with your kids.

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We turned an old CD into an adorable doughnut craft with homemade puffy paint frosting. Check out the easy recipe that uses shaving cream and paint. Then get crafting with your kids to make doughnuts that look good enough to eat!

Since doughnuts come in sooo many yummy flavors with different colored frosting and sprinkles, your kiddos will have so much fun coming up with different flavor and color combos. You can make a dozen doughnuts in no time!

If you don’t have CD’s laying around you can also cut out paper, cardboard, or cereal boxes in the shape of a circle, then cut out a circle in the center…now you are ready to make a doughnut.

Looking for more sweet ideas? Try these Donut Playdough Cards, check out more Craft Ideas, or head to the kitchen to make a Dessert! Also at the bottom of this post are more CD crafts to try!

We love Recycled Crafts, so when the Kids Craft Stars challenge this month was to craft with CD’s I was thrilled. We have never crafted with a CD before and painting on new materials is always fun!


Acrylic paint (Brown, and other colors)
White glue
Shaving cream

If you wanted, you could skip the puffy paint and just use acrylic paint.


1.  Paint the CD brown and set it aside to dry. We didn’t have brown paint so I used red, green, and yellow to make a doughnut color. Our CD’s had designs on the front of them so we painted the shiny side.

2. When ready to paint the doughnut, mix 1 part glue to 1 part shaving cream to make the puffy paint. Divide the puffy paint and mix in acrylic paint to add color for the frosting. Paint it onto the doughnut, making sure to leave some of the edge brown (so you can tell it is a doughnut), and try to really glop it on if you want it to dry puffy. My daughter spread the puffy paint around like regular paint so it didn’t dry puffy…(still turned out super cute though :).

3.  Sprinkle glitter on top and use the paintbrush to paint sprinkles on.

The kids love feeding their doughnuts to all their toys or pretending to take a bite for themselves 🙂

More CD Crafts by the Kids Crafts Stars

Have a great day! 
Love, Katie & the Kiddos

(Originally Posted 6/2015, updated 7/2023)


  1. What a great idea, wonderful recycling for CDs because I never know what to do with them!

    Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tutorials

  2. LOOOvVVEE!!!!! These!! Ok, I have to know where did you get those gorgeous unique sparkles/glitter!

  3. These are so cute! I just remembered to pull our our puffy paint that i'd kept hidden !

    Also, Have you guys stopped the linky ?

    1. Thanks so much and yes we have-just for the summer. Please come back and link up with us in Sept. !!! 🙂 Have an awesome summer 🙂

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