Create Your Own Superhero a No Sew Kid Craft

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Hi Friends! Create your own mask, armbands, belt, and headband with this fun to make Superhero No Sew Kid Craft. It’s perfect to help facilitate imaginative play, creativity, and awesome Superhero powers!!!

We have been running around in these fun superhero costumes we made for our dress up drawer pretending to have awesome superhero powers like the ability to fly. (The kids seem to fly best when daddy is around, and he has gotten a great arm workout lately). It’s amazing to see Ms. Tiger’s imagination create fun action-packed scenes for us to act out together saving the world and getting rid of super supervillains (Yes, I am the mom wearing a mask and armbands running around in the backyard).

Every child is a superhero, help them feel that way with self esteem activities for girls

We chose to use shelf liner (purchased at the Dollar Tree) as a breathable, inexpensive alternative to fabric that doesn’t require sewing. (My mom has attempted to teach me to sew but I still prefer using faster alternatives when I can) Here are the directions:
Shelf liner (the grip kind pictured below)
Puffy paint (comes in a 3 pack that includes red, yellow & blue at the Dollar Store)
Hot glue gun
Velcro (optional)
Pipe cleaners (optional)
Wax paper
Shelf liner
1.  Measure around kiddos head or arm and cut a piece of shelf liner in the size and shape that you want.
2.  Place your superhero pieces on top of a piece of wax paper and use puffy paints to decorate them to create your own AWESOME superhero design. Then set them out to dry, ours sat overnight.
 Ms. Tiger loved using the puffy paint for the first time.

3.  Carefully peal your pieces off the wax paper.

4.  To make your costume wearable, use a hot glue gun to attach elastic or velcro. We also used pipe cleaners to attach our armbands. It’s up to you how you choose to do it.
To put our armbands on we poked a pipe cleaner through the holes and twisted it around. That way they could fit on the kids, or mom and dad.
This little superhero is saving the day one smile at a time!
This supergirl is flying high! 🙂
We hope you have a wonderful day full of creativity and crazy superhero abilities!!! Now go find out what kind of superhero your kiddo can create.
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  1. I love reusing things around the house for crafts and kid projects. Such a cute idea and I have extra shelf liner so that's perfect!

    1. Hi Bernadyn, I totally agree about finding things around the house…it's nice to find new purpose for things. I am glad you like it our craft and even have a shelf liner ready, perfect! 🙂 Have a great day!

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