Adorable Little Charmers Headband Kids Craft and Play

To go along with the Little Charmers show on Nick Jr. my daughter made a paper headband craft to wear while she plays with her…


To go along with the Little Charmers show on Nick Jr. my daughter made a paper headband craft to wear while she plays with her Little Charmers toys or watches tv. Make sure to stay tuned because the craft tutorial is coming up and is perfect for any Little Charmers fan, birthday party, or dress up accessory!

Have you seen the Little Charmers series? My daughter loves them and honestly what’s not to like!?! It’s about three friends who live in a magical land and are training to use their magical powers which often results in funny situations like floating cats or accidentally turning moms into statues. The girls learn that working together and self-confidence makes it possible to overcome any challenges they face. It’s a very relatable tv show for kids who are also learning what personal strengths they posses as well as how important friendship is. 

Little Tiger has a Hazel Doll which comes with Seven (a cute purple cat), a pink plushie owl called Treble, and a magic wand that lights up and chimes for an extra magical play experience. She is soooo into dolls and says she is “dying over how cute” her Little Charmers Hazel Doll is. She was excited that Hazel’s shoes could come off and go back on and thought her disappearing cape was so cool! Just to note, you pull the string in the back of the doll to get her cape out. We were not expecting to have to pull so hard and were worried about breaking it, but after we got the hang of it, getting the cape out was no big deal and it didn’t even come close to breaking.

Little Tiger’s first moment of play was using the cute little brush to comb Hazel’s pretty purple hair. Then she grabbed her kid sized wand and put Hazel’s doll sized wand in her hand and the two of them created magical spells–it was so cute to watch! Her birthday is in December and I foresee a birthday and Christmas present to complete the Little Charmers trio with a Lavender and Posie doll. Visit Little Charmers to see all the magical things available for your Little Charmers fan.

Little Charmers Hazel Headband Craft

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Purple and pink craft paper

1.  To make the headband draw two lines on the purple paper and cut them out. Our lines were 1.5 inches thick. 

2.  Staple the crown together. 

3.  Draw two ears on the purple paper and a smaller set of ears and star on the pink paper and cut them out. 

4.  Glue the pink ear to the purple ear and then glue them to the headband. Glue the star to the headband and once the glue is dry it is ready to be played with–super easy and cute! 

Watching Little Tiger enjoy her Little Charmer toys, we can totally say that Little Charmers are the perfect holiday gift! Visit the Little Charmers website to make this holiday season magical!

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Love, Katie & the Kiddos

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