Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers with Plastic Easter Eggs

The other day while my son was sleeping, Little Tiger and I got some good outside playtime in.  We used colored chalk and Easter eggs…

The other day while my son was sleeping, Little Tiger and I got some good outside playtime in.  We used colored chalk and Easter eggs to reinforce our colors while having fun. Here are some of the quick and simple games we came up with together that would be fun at any Easter party posted just in time for Easter :).   

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Skills: Motor Skills, Colors
1 Plastic Easter eggs of each color in the rainbow
Colored chalk that corresponds with the color of each Easter egg
Timer (optional)
Game: Chalk Eggs
As a group, draw one chalk egg for each plastic egg. Try and spread them out because the kids are going to be running to them in some of the other games. Review colors and match each plastic egg with the chalk egg to make sure everyone knows which eggs match.
Game: Egg Shake

Have child shake your egg basket until one egg falls out. Then the child should pick up the egg and go and stand on the matching chalk egg. Return to starting point and repeat. Ms. Tiger loved shaking the eggs out.

Game: Matchy Matchy

Take turns picking an Easter egg out of the basket. Run and put it on the matching chalk egg and return back to the beginning. Repeat until all eggs are gone. We timed her and tried to get faster each round.

Game: Egg Scurry 

To start, throw eggs as far as you can. Then have children run, pick up an egg, and bring it back to you.

Each child should tell you what color egg they have and then hand it to you. Once they say the correct color let them run and get another egg. 

Throw the eggs back onto the playing field when they start running away. That way there are continually eggs available to pick up. (Make sure not to throw them at kids:)

If a bunch of kids are playing you may want to add more Easter eggs to the game so they aren’t constantly finding the same colored egg.

Game: Eggs in a basket

Have each child toss eggs into the basket. We both need to practice this one, because we weren’t very good at throwing and had to get really close.  Next time I will use a basket without a handle in the way.

Game: Eggs can fly too

Adult tosses each child an egg and child catches it (or at least tries…Little Tiger still isn’t very good at catching. She takes after her mom 🙂
Then have the child throw the egg as high or as far as they can.  Once it hits the ground do it all over again.

She was so excited to be able to throw something and watch it fly and then fall back to the ground.

Game: Hide and seek
Hide the Easter eggs. Then have each child stand on a chalk egg. Next, have them go and find the corresponding egg. 
Once found, put the egg on top of the chalk egg and have child stand on another chalk egg and repeat the game until all eggs are found. 
She had to practice patience and memory skills. When she found the wrong colored egg I had to remind her to leave it hidden because we were looking for a different color this round. When it finally came up, she would have to remember where she had already saw it.  

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Love, Katie & the Kiddos

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