Let’s Get Out, Have Fun, and Eat Fresh Together! (Wendy’s)

Now that the weather is warming up (hello spring!) it is hard to keep us cooped up inside. After we finish our morning learning and…


Now that the weather is warming up (hello spring!) it is hard to keep us cooped up inside. After we finish our morning learning and crafting activities we love to hop in the car and find a place to play and explore.

 Little Dragon is just like a little puppy and can’t wait to get in the car. He always makes sure to bring 2 toy cars (one for each hand) for the car ride. Heaven forbid that kid ever be without a toy car, lol. Since most of the time we are out exploring without a real plan, I’m not always ready to feed the kid’s (or myself) a healthy meal while we are out even if we ate right before we left the house –literally food-in-mouth as we cross over the threshold, the kid’s always want more food when we leave the house.

Drive through food feels like an answered prayer with its convenience… but it isn’t always easy to make sure the kid’s and I are eating healthy. That’s where Wendy’s Core Salads come in. Wendy’s has the freshest salads that are so yummy! They are way better than the pre-mixed stuff from the grocery store and after working with Wendy’s for this post I now know why their salads taste so fresh…the lettuce and vegetables are chopped by Wendy’s employees every morning and the chicken is grilled only when you place your order so it doesn’t sit and wither the lettuce all day before you eat it.

The other day we grabbed our blanket and picked up a large Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (selected by Little Tiger) and had an impromptu picnic. My kid’s loved the chicken, apples, and lettuce. I couldn’t keep their fingers out of the salad and as a mom who love’s it when my kid’s eat, fingers in the food is encouraged (as well as forks, lol)! Wendy’s also has an Asian Cashew Chicken Salad that I love and a BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad that I can’t wait to try.  I love how all the salads come with chicken to add some protein in. I try to eat protein at every meal to stay healthy and full (my mom-on-the-go health plan).To drink we shared a large strawberry lemonade that was so refreshing it reminded me of summer. It also came with a free kid’s pass to our local zoo…so awesome right!

I am so glad it is picnic season and I can’t wait to do it all again with my kid’s! 
What are your tips for eating healthy when you are out having fun?
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