Valentine’s Heart Hide and Seek Game

This game is perfect to get kid’s running around having fun and learning at the same time. We have been sick and staying indoors all…


This game is perfect to get kid’s running around having fun and learning at the same time. We have been sick and staying indoors all day so this was the perfect game to get some gross motor wiggles out. This game was perfect for my toddler and preschooler to work on sorting, counting, and numbers. Each step was tailored to match their skill level. You can adapt the game to match your kid’s skill level, and you don’t have to use hearts we are just in a Valentine’s Day mood now that the holidays are over plus I think hearts are so cute! Alright, let’s get playing 🙂

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Valentine’s Heart Hide & Seek Game

Different colored hearts
Number cards

We used foam hearts from the Dollar Tree and flashcards, cutout paper hearts and homemade number cards would work great too!

To setup the game, make a place for the kids to sort the hearts by color. I drew lines on a dry erase board, and put an example heart in each spot so the kids would know which spot to put each heart.

1.  Hide the hearts and let kids find them. This was the best photo I got of them, the rest where blurry because they were running around the house. The kids worked as a team to find all the hearts and put them in our Valentine’s Day mailbox we just received from grandma (thanks grandma!).

2.  Once all the hearts are found sort them by color.

3.  Once the hearts are all sorted count them by color and place the number next to the pile.

4.  Count the total hearts and place or write the number next to them. This step was especially for my daughter who is working on number recognition for numbers above 10. Both my kids are working on counting to 20.


  • I made sure not to use more than 20 hearts.
  • I made sure each type of heart had a different amount (5 red, 4 pink, 3 white…)
  • Depending on your child’s attention span, you may want to hide the hearts and do step numbers 2-4 one at a time (Hide the hearts then find and count them, hide the hearts then find and sort them…) 

 We have more Valentine’s Day activities coming up like thumbprint Valentine’s Day cards, and a sweet drink recipe. It’s going to be tons of fun and I know you wont want to miss. If you are new around here, make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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  1. What a great, active activity that encourages the use of so many skills. I love how quickly it comes together too. Pinning!

  2. Lovely activity and so pretty. Definitely something I should try with Amy. She's really getting into counting and numbers at the moment

    Thanks for linking up with Monday Parenting Pin It Party x

    1. Hi Natasha, thanks so much for visiting! Thinking back, it was fun watching my kiddos work together! I hope your little ladies enjoy 🙂

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