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It’s a Fabulous Friday and we are finishing up the week with cupcakes. Yummy! We made our cupcakes as a personalized Father’s Day treat full of Dad’s favorite candy because we all love Dad and want him to stay sweet! It’s nice to be able to actually surprise Dad…I’ll tell you the funny story about how our Dad already knows what he is getting a bit later.

Cooking with your kiddo is such a great activity to spend time together. While making memories in the kitchen you are also teaching life skills, measurements, counting, patience, reading, and direction following skills just to name a few AWESOME benefits. Just remember that cooking with kids takes longer then expected, so plan accordingly so you have time to be patient. With that said, let’s get baking!

Cake mix and ingredients
Favorite candy or
Favorite cookies (optional)
Frosting (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)

1.  Make cupcake batter according to ingredients.
2.  Chop up bite size pieces of candy.

Rolos, Snickers, Grasshopper Cookies

3.  Place a cookie in each cupcake cup (optional)

4. Pour batter in cupcake cups, place pieces of candy in the middle, and cover the candy with a spoonful of batter.

Add 3 or so pieces, the more candy you use the bigger the surprise! Ms. Tiger sampled a lot of our candy so we filled our cupcakes as much as we could, but next time I will fill them more.

5. Bake as directed, let cupcakes cool, decorate, then enjoy! Everyone is sure to love biting into this fun and surprising treat that’s personalized with love. 

Mmmm, a yummy cookie base and melted caramel!
So onto the story about how the Hubs already knows what he is getting for Father’s Day: Last Friday I secretly hauled the kids out to get Dad’s present while he was at work. At the store I realized I didn’t have enough cash on hand so I used my debit card (who uses cash these days…lol :). While I was purchasing, the kids were bouncing around the store so I was not paying full attention to the store attendant. He asked me “something” and I nodded my head yes and left. When my husband returned home from work he says, “What have you been up to today?” and I knew he knew by the big smirk on his face. Apparently the “something” the store attendant said was, “would you like me to e-mail a receipt to the phone number on file?” Ahhh…so much for secrets. Lesson learned, always listen to store attendant when purchasing a present. 

Have a great weekend and a Wonderful Father’s Day!

Next week we are getting patriotic so be sure to come back and see what fun games and activities we have come up with. Mondays post is a new game that we play everyday because Ms. Tiger and Mr. Tickles LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for visiting, Love-Katie & the Kiddos 


  1. I don't have kids but I'm a cake feen. LOL. Seriously, anything cake or birthday cake flavored, I HAVE to try. I'm going to pin these for later!

    1. Hi Crystal, I'm a total cake fan too, especially when chocolate is
      involved. Thanks so much for pinning, when you get around to baking some I know you will love them for sure!

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